What should I do?


My Mother,GrandMother, and my Aunt are trying to get me to go back to my old Protestant Church on sundays for a youth group. This is because of the fact they are not happy of my youth group at my Parish since we don’t travel the world and proclaim the Gospel as this Protestant Church does. (Even though this Protestant Church does not proclaim the fullness of the true Gospel which is only presant in the Catholic Church alone).

The problem here is I left this Church because it is a false religion and I found the truth in the Catholic Church, but ever since I converted my family has been at competition in a sense with my parish, trying to persuade me to go back to there “Non Denominational” Church. The thing is this Church is anti Catholic and does not fulfill my Sunday obligation. My mother suggested I go to Mass early every Sunday and then go to the Protestant youth group services. I really do not want to go back and I don’t know what to do. Are there any suggestions? My mother just told me to ignore any anti Catholic comments they make because “religion just divides and I need to seek spirituality and not doctrine”. The thing is I don’t agree with there interpretations and how they seek God’s word and how they function when it comes to worship and being “saved” and I hate the happy clappy bible thumping services.

Please keep me in your prayers and God Bless,


There are programs that do go around the world in the catholic church most of these missions u can do if u find them its just not as easy to find these trips you know god will put you in the right direction ask your youth minister if he knows of any mission trips I'm sure they should know.... good luck


If possible don't attend. If you are a minor and your a being required to attend, offer your sufferings as a sacrifice to Christ. Prayers offered. :signofcross:


Stand your ground and don't give in.

Keep praying and intelligently and calmly explaining yourself to your family. If they don't get it it's because they are brainwashed or dense (it's not our place to judge which.)


The way I view this is your mother is trying to bring you back in sin without knowing it. This is a Gods word vs parents word thing. My advice is that you obey God. I now that sounds is but it's not I will pray for you and I am sure God will guide you no matter what choice you make


If they mention any anti catholic views, you will probably feel uncomfortable and offended, so you will probably not enjoy it that much. I don't suggest you visit, and if you do, pray a rosary and let God guide you and your family.

Dear Jesus I pray that you guide this person into the right decision, that you guide this person's family. Amen :signofcross:


Your mother and aunt said, "Religion just divides and you need spirituality and not doctrine"? Christianity is a religion which as such must be doctrinal in containing what should purport to be a doctrine of truth, and not a "do whatever you want to do and feels good to you" spirituality. You clearly know this, and you are probably having a hard time informing them of the difference. If they claim as well to be Christians, even if they are not Catholic, they could not by their beliefs be saying this. It seems you are dealing with more than Protestantism, unfortunately.

Please stand your ground as best as you can. As evidenced by your post, you know better than to go to their 'church.' I pray that you will be able to do this as best as you can, with the difficulty that being a minor entails. Do not feel discouraged, even if they put you in the car and carry you out of it to their service, because you will not lose ground to them in your heart (:

My prayers with you.


you can

A - not go
B - go an evangelize your protestant friends

  1. wear your Catholic shirt / sweater
  2. proudly display crucifix necklace
  3. ask the tough questions like (why you no beleive in the Eucharist , or where in the bible does it teach denominationalism, or how come the writings of the early church fathers show that they were very Catholic…

they may kick you out, but you may plant some seeds in other kids minds … :smiley:

just a thought if some how you are forced to go, it may be your parents trying to trick you back into the church


This misuse of the words "religion" and "spirituality" always annoys me. Religion is a belief which one devotes their life to, and that can include atheism. A Catholic who attends Mass rarely but never misses the Sunday game is religiously devoted to sports. Spirituality is a vague term which could mean anything from one's devotion to prayer to another's devotion to distilled spirits.


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