what should i do?

well, the thing is quite simple, my brother (older than me), likes to visit a website about paranormal things, like UFOS, ghost, demons etc… I dont think that is right to do, but i would like to know what to do about it, how to tell him or Im just overreacting, or what.

thanks for your answers.

Yes, you are over reacting. Leave the whole thing alone, it is not as if he was into porn or worse. By bringing up the subject of what he is doing with him or your parents, all you will do is cause hate and discontent.
Don’t worry, in time both of you will outgrow it.

As said, let him continue with what he do. Soon he will find out that it is what it is, mumbo jumbo. Nice though to see that you love your brother, it is a good sign for your future.

His interest in the paranormal, etc., might actually help you to open a conversation regarding your own faith. Study out what the church teaches about the subject, and be ready to have answers for questions he might have, but be sure to answer in love, not in a combative way. And most importantly, ask the Holy Spirit to guard you in your faith, and to protect your brother from falling into false belief.

Encourage him to learn about demons, at least, from a Catholic website.


Maybe overreacting to his choice of subject matter…He may become a great astronaut, scientist or physics professional as a result of his curiosity. As long as his hobby isn’t to the exclusion of his responsibilities, objecting to his personal preferences may create hard feelings.

thanks for your answers, they really gave me some peace. I would love to ask something more somewhat related to this,

thing is my father has some statues of “la santa muerte” i dont know why (the ones from that sect say that they are catholic, but my father is not so i kinda think that its just because he likes them), but well, they were bought used, so it’s probably they were “blessed” and have them in the living room which is obligatory to go to the upper floor in the house, and apparently nothing supernatural has occured there, but i feel like if it was my duty to ask if i can continue living as if nothing were there (also the only TV that works 100% correctly is there), or if i had to do something else.

We can’t control everything around us, trying to do so might become a bigger problem than the things we can’t control. God Bless You in your zeal and earnest desire to walk with God.

Have him read up on real life exorcisms, or Eucharistic Miracles or miracle workers such as St. Anthony. There are tons of mystics and miracle workers that will keep him interested and focused on what is real and may steer him in the right direction or at least a better direction.

If its something your parents would disapprove of him doing then alert them and ask them to put a block on that site on the family computer

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