What should i do?

Last week i was at confession, i confessed my sins some of which i thought were mortal. When i left confession i began to fear i would lose the current state of grace my soul was at that time in. More i started fearing that i would commit mortal sin, more bad thoughts started to tempt me. I resisted for a while, but eventually gave in for a second probably and perhaps committed a mortal sin. Please advise me, what should i do to stop fearing mortal sin so much after confession. I will meet a priest concerning the issue don’t worry, but i was still hoping for a solid advice from you. That is the first issue.

The second issue is that i am going to a trip tomorrow for 5 days and there is probably no way of getting a confession till i arrive. I tried to go to confession the whole weekend but somehow i always had to postpone it. I tried to go today after the evening mass but i was sadly too late(i had a tight schedule) and i didn’t want to go to the pastor’s apartment since it was already late. Do you think i should of gone anyway? So what should i do, im going to a trip for 5 days and i can’t cancel it because my mother probably wouldn’t let me. Will i go to hell if i suddenly die on this trip? I’m planning to go to confession the next day i come from this trip.

When you do get to see a priest, tell him what you told us here and listen to his spiritual direction.

The Lord loves you and wants you to be at peace about your spiritual life with Him. Make an
act of contrition and be at peace until you get to see a priest.

Always remember the Lord is like a loving Father, He sees the mind and heart and He knows you are trying your best. Relax, Trust in the Lord. The priest gave you absolution and told you to go in Peace, but your not at Peace, The priest is giving you absolution on behalf of Our Lord, so you must listen and trust Jesus.

When your next at Confession as the previous OP says discuss this with the priest, and abide by what Fr. says.

God Bless, Walk with the Lord and trust.

Have you ever had any problems with scrupulosity?


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