what should I do?

look the stuff is this, everywhere i go, it seems like there is pornographic material at the sight of everyone, of course adults are responsoble if they look at it, but children?

for example there is a movie stand that whenever i pass near it has this movies with nude women on the cover, where everyone can look at them.

i really don’t know what to do, it seems like everything i could do is pointless, and i get really angry about it, and it is not the righteous kind of anger.

Best to maintain custody of one’s own eyes and teach one’s children to do so, offer it up, and pray for the (very large!) portion of the world which thinks it is ok to treat women like objects for their own enjoyment or profit.


Pray your rosary fervently and daily for the protection of the innocence of children when you pray for your other intentions. Make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who is deeply offended by the terrible things in your neighborhood. God bless you.

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