What should I do?

I have just finished my GCSEs. Now I have 2 months to literally do anything I want before my IB starts. What should I do? I literally have no idea what to do aside from sleeping, praying, reading the Bible, playing video games and watching YouTube. I do have occasional outings with friends but other than that I am clueless on how to spend my life.

Community service work.
Go play with disabled kids, read to the blind, serve food to the hungry.
Best education in the world.

Yeah, do not waste a lot of time playing video games and watching YouTube videos. Seek out activities that give you a real (in person, not online) connection to other people. Community service is an excellent idea.

If you want to earn a little money and sharpen your professional skills, perhaps you could do some private tutoring (assuming it is allowed in your profession). Volunteer tutoring of low-income or disadvantaged students is another community service option. Tutoring also provides an opportunity for you to be a good role model for young people.

Physical training. Get your body warmed up for the stress of the professional life.

Daily Mass if you can get to it.

Perhaps a minor pilgrimage if you have the means?

You are in an enviable position right now; make the most of it!



go on a (silent) retreat.

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