What should I do?


I’ve had a Vasectomy in June of 2004, I made the decision with my wife, I think our families were a bit surprised by our decision but they have not stated anything against us for doing so. I want to state that my wife had two c-sections one 11 years ago and one 6yrs ago, thus we have to lovely girls. Her OBGYN stated to here to think about getting her tubes tied during the second one and we were kinda thinking of having a third child. So she didn’t do the procedure. After a couple of years we started talking about the fact of not having anymore children, she didnt want to be cut open for a third time, since her doctor stated having two was a lot the third would be alot for a woman to go thought, but it would be 99% chance of having that happen again. He did tell her she could go thought the process of having her tubes tied but that this was a major surgery, thus if your husband did it, the recovery time in general is a couple of weeks not 4-6 week since it was major surgery. Of course the urologist kept asking if this is what we both wanted right up until the surgery. I don’t know if i really understood that this was not a good thing to do as a catholic. I have not talked to anyone in the church(priest or deacon) but I want to know what I need to do? Its really weird since this happened we have become more and more involved in our parish fuctions, working on committees for events, helping out with masses, oldest daugther is an alter server.

Please let me know what I should do?



Dear OP,

It’s not surprising to me that the urologist kept asking you if you wanted the vasectomy right up to the actual surgery. Reversing the procedure can be a nightmare. To surgically tamper with healthy reproductive organs so that they can no longer function as they were designed to function for the purpose of preventing conception is a mortal sin.

You mention how active you and your wife have become in your parish after the vasectomy. Of course, you will never know how more wonderful you life might be if you allowed God to give you more children. He is never out-done in generosity.

All you are required to do now is simply confess your sin and receive absolution. I know that you weren’t all that sure that it was wrong to do, but from what you said, I suspect that you didn’t want to find out either. So it is best to seek absolution just in case. His love for you is limitless as He demonstrated on Good Friday. I suggest that you spend some time each day looking at a crucifix and thanking Him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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