What should i expect-Ash Wed. Mass

So, this will be my first Ash Wednesday Mass. I am not sure what to expect.

Do they still have communion during the Mass? or just everyone goes up for ashes?
Do i need to cross my arms over my chest for ashes or anything like that? bow? say Amen?
Do i leave the ashes on the rest of the day?

It can be a regular mass (although there are other times just for distribution of ashes).

If it is a Mass, communion will be served. If you have not been formally confirmed in the catholic church, you should not take communion. You can go up for a blessing with arms crossed during communion.

For ashes, you simply approach the person ministering them, and they mark your forehead. No bow or response is necessary. Just a reverent attitude. You do not need to be catholic to receive ashes.
Yes, traditionally, we leave the ashes on the rest of the day.

All the same as a usual Mass. After the homily, and blessing of the ashes, we will process up to receive ashes. If you have bangs…move them to the side with one hand!! Be prepared to respond to others during the day about “you’ve got a smudge on your forehead!!!”

Thank you for your responses. Was going to ask the RCIA director on Sunday but a winter storm blew in and he cancelled classes. May be a non-issue as the roads are still under 4 inches of packed sleet.

You’ll do fine.
Hope you’re able to get there…be safe!

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