What should I say to a Protestant who

…insists that human beings don’t have immortal souls? I ask because my father and I recently caught an edition of the Beyond Today Television Program on WGN America. Steve Myers, one of the hosts of the program, insisted that humans don’t have immortal souls. The Beyond Today Television Program is associated with the United Church of God. For more on the denomination’s troubling position, check this out.

Just so that I understand, does this mean that the Protestant you are thinking of doesn’t believe in an afterlife? Or does this mean that he doesn’t believe in the concept of souls at all?

I also have to ask, are they referring to ever lasting life after eating from the Tree of Life (those in heaven) vs those who dont eat from the Tree of Life and dont live forever (those who are damned)?

UCG has quite a few doctrinal differences with the Catholic Church, including the Trinity.

Why do you want to go there, do you have a friend that is UCG?

I don’t want to go there, Theo520. Like I said, my dad and I caught that one program on TV recently.

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So it triggered your curiosity on how Catholics determined the soul is everlasting?

I don’t think an immortal soul is a biblical teaching so it will be hard to convince UCG on the Catholic position.


I don’t see how any Christian can hold that view.

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Why not? It’s not really discussed in the Bible.

“When does a soul cease to exist?”, I would ask them. Samuel’s soul was alive and well when Saul tried to communicate with him. The souls of Moses and Elijah were still intact when Jesus spoke with them.


There’s a lot of modern day beliefs and understandings that are not discussed in the Bible. Probably why Christ left a church, guided by the Holy Spirit, to answer the questions He knew would arise.

The same can be said for when the soul ceases to exist.

If you’re looking for biblical evidence what about those scriptures that mention heaven, hell, or some kind of after life? What about Revelations? There’s more evidence to suggest souls are immortal than to suggest they are not.

I would think the constant references by Jesus to eternal life would be a clue - how is such a thing possible without an immortal soul?

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So you’ve juxtaposed Catholics with Protestants.

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Juxtapose, interesting word, I can take that several different ways. Would appreciate your clarifying it in the context of my post and your reply.

But what about those who do not believe in him, is their soul eternal as well?

The official discussion doesn’t’ seem to reference quotes from Jesus for justification

You gave the Catholic reasoning, which doesn’t carry water when we are engaging in Protestant reasoning. Citing the magisterium is a non-starter.

If we are made in the image and likeness of God, I would say that an immortal soul is logical

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Indeed. Not just a rational soul, but an immortal one.

Aren’t the wicked promised everlasting punishment as the righteous are promised an eternal reward?

Of course there probably are other reasons to believe in an immortal soul - mine was the first and most obvious that came to mind.

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I’d ask them where they got the authority to make such an important proclamation.

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