What should I say to a Protestant who

I don’t know the topic well but I deduce that if a sect of bible only protestants think the matter isn’t clear, then there probably is some leeway or confusion among the various bible verses.

I agree having several millenium of Tradition to rely upon is of immense help.

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I’m an American, I can’t go to Norway and speak Norwegian, I speak English. I am a Catholic, I can only speak from what I know and believe. As to the OP’s initial question as to the existence of the immortal soul, I can only speak from my Catholic perspective. AS to it being a non-starter, well, if a Protestant sees it as such, I guess I’d simply go play of round of golf and let others debate it if my Catholic stance is unacceptable in the conversation.

I would rephrase what I said.
Referencing Catholic reasoning on the topic might prove very persuasive, but it would be the reasoning rather than it was issued by the Magisterium, which is what I thought I heard as your justification.

I think we are close to agreement. I understand your point about reasoning with those who accept only sola scriptura; the magisterium would be irrelevant to them. However, I as a Catholic, if invited into such discussion would insist that my position that scripture is seen through the lens of tradition be considered germane. From my Catholic standpoint, I wouldn’t go into this “fight” with one hand tied behind my back.

United Church of God Founded in 1886 ?

Here’s what I would say.

Our Lord established the Catholic Church in the first century on Peter and those in union with Peter. It’s still here 2000 years later with pope Francis 266th successor to St Peter in Rome. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s the first 4 centuries of history (condensed)

link 1

link 2

From His lips to our ears, Jesus rejects any division in what He established
perfect unity denies any kind of division from what He established on Peter and those in union with Peter.

since Jesus says the Holy Spirit doesn’t speak on His own but only what He hears from Jesus

THEN, bottom line, NO ONE can say, the HS guided THEM, into any kind of division from what Jesus already established back in the first century. For ANYONE to come along in history and presume they can start their own deal, like Luther, Henry VIII, Calvin, Smyth etc etc etc, contradicts the will of God, (Father Son and HS) since Jesus said He doesn’t do His will but only that of the Father’s, here And the HS speaks only what He hears from Jesus, therefore dividers are in HUGE trouble. Just look at the scripture and tradition references in the 2 links offered above for the consequences of those who go into sects, schisms, divisions, dissensions, heresies, etc.

Why does Jesus talk more about hell than anyone else, and it being everlasting,? If the soul isn’t immortal, why worry about hell being everlasting?

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I think you would do well if you were called to ever discuss it with someone from the UCG.

I do not hold their view myself.

no. that’s a different church. :wink:

How about this one started in 1996 ?

This seems like a right attitude. Kick the sand from the shoes and go play a round of golf. :slight_smile:

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I’ve talked to all kinds of people who follow made up, man invented, religions or no religion at all. I’ve had friends who were atheists. All I can say with anyone in discussion, is give them information properly referenced. What one does with that information is up to them.

Yes. But, you would’ve known that if you had just followed the link that @Maxirad provided in the OP of this thread:


I personally don’t think wiki of any sort is a qualified reference. Ever read their disclaimers

Or, you could have followed both of @Maxirad’s links, since the second one belongs to the church itself. :wink:

When the first reference was from wiki, I stopped there. And as it turns out, the 2nd link doesn’t change a thing. It’s just one more invented religion, among 10’s of thousands of other man made invented religions out there…

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Kudos to you for wanting to say anything at all to them!

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