What Should I Say to My Priest? (About becoming a priest)

So, I’m coming up on my senior year of high school and starting to realize that it is time to finally start taking my thoughts about a calling to the priesthood and do something tangible with them. I think I want to talk to my priest about it, but I’m not really sure how I should do it. In the confessional definitely doesn’t seem right (it would be sort of embarrassing to go from pornography to the priesthood in such quick fashion, and there could be other people outside), and after mass would be rather rushed for the topic, so how should I go about it?

I know I don’t necessarily have to talk to my priest, but I would rather it be him than some unknown guy (the mysterious vocations director–little more than a name and number on the diocesan website). Any ideas about how to start such a conversation? Would it be appropriate to send an e-mail or a letter?

I started in a rather odd way in discerning, and stumbled into it myself as there is no official method or set of rules to follow.

People are going to suggest you contact your Vocations Director right away, others will suggest you discern in prayer more, others will tell you start with a Spiritual Director who should be a Priest.

Since there is no official method to go about anything other than contacting your Vocations Director whom you will have to build a relationship with sooner or later , then there is no wrong way to approach the subject.

Find a priest you are comfortable with, and merely call or email to set up an appointment in regards to questions you have about the priesthood, you can use those exact words if ya want, it should be enough to get the ball rolling for you.

And make sure to ask questions !

It would be best to talk in person. My $0.02 :cool:

It makes no difference if you call or email or walk in to his office. Just tell him that you may be feeling the call to the priesthood. Don’t hesitate to email your diocese’ vocations director. They will be happy to hear from you. The Church needs priests.

You can go directly to your diocesan vocations director, and they might also have a general team who work in that field as well who you could make contact with.

I would suggest you speak to your parish priest (or one of his assistant priests if there is more than one priest in your parish) so that, if only for courtesy’s sake, he knows what’s going on. And, if he knows he will be able to pay better attention to you to help you along your discernment path. If you were to go ahead and apply for seminary, your Parish Priest is almost certainly going to need to provide a reference though, so it would be good for you to get to know each other better.

I would also suggest, if you don’t already do so, offering yourself for service in your parish: either as a reader, an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (on the assumption that you have of course already been Confirmed), visitor of the sick, altar server, etc. All these things will help you get closer to the liturgical life of the church as well as the pastoral. I doubt many men beginning training for priesthood have not done at least one or two of those jobs. The discipline will also be good for you.

How to start the process?

Just ring (or email) the parish priest and/or the vocations director and ask to make an appointment for a chat on the basis that you would like to talk about a possible vocation to the priesthood. Simple as that, nothing fancy or flowery or with great amounts of exposition or biography. Those things you can talk about in person.


Go to your vocation director who knows best,

However, you canvisit a seminary to see first class what it is all about, but until you see a vocation director you will not know.

Your vocation director willl kknow if this is your desire because they are trained in it.

Be at peace.

God bless you

This. :thumbsup:

You’re in my prayers!

I am mulling a vocation myself, but I’m 45, so I e-mailed the diocese vocations director about
exceptions to the 25-40 rule.

I do know that the diocese of Buffalo, NY does not have such a rule.:wink:

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