What should I say to the Devil?

Hi everyone,
What should I say to the devil when I feel tempted. When I have a bad thought I usually think “Get away from Me Satan!”. I heard that whenever you get a bad thought you should turn it back at the devil, so should I think a thought praising God? What insults should I say to the devil? What would some funny insults be that I can say to him?




You don’t have to say anything to the devil. You should offer these bad thoughts to GOD & ask for help. You should go to confession. Fasting, praying & reading the Bible will help you a lot to get rid of all bad thoughts.

Is when I had a bad thought I would do what you do, I would be shouting at the Devil all day. Bad Thoughts? Let them come and go. Like the flies and mosquitoes on Summer, you have to live with it…

My thought is ignore those thoughts and don’t give them the time of day. Also it might be a good practice to say the prayer to St. Michael probably once or a few times a day. Also getting the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary is powerful. Pray the rosary, it is the best weapon! I think that I remember St. Padre Pio called the rosary, “the weapon”.

“With what infamous lucidity does Satan argue against our Catholic faith! But, let’s tell him always, without entering into debate: I am a child of the Church.” - St. Josemaria Escriva :slight_smile:

The devil is a chicken and he’s not worth your time. Here’s what St. Therese said to her sister about the matter:

Before you confided in me,[1] I felt you were suffering, and my heart was one with yours. Since you have the humility to ask advice of your little Therese, this is what she thinks: you have grieved me greatly by abstaining from Holy Communion, because you have grieved Our Lord. The devil must be very cunning to deceive a soul in this way. Do you not know, dear Marie, that by acting thus you help him to accomplish his end? The treacherous creature knows quite well that when a soul is striving to belong wholly to God he cannot cause her to sin, so he merely tries to persuade her that she has sinned. This is a considerable gain, but not enough to satisfy his hatred, so he aims at something more, and tries to shut out Jesus from a tabernacle which Jesus covets. Unable to enter this sanctuary himself, he wishes that at least it remain empty and without its God. Alas, what will become of that poor little heart? When the devil has succeeded in keeping a soul from Holy Communion he has gained all his ends . . . while Jesus weeps! . . .
Remember, little Marie, that this sweet Jesus is there in the Tabernacle expressly for you and you alone. Remember that He burns with the desire to enter your heart. Do not listen to satan. Laugh him to scorn, and go without fear to receive Jesus, the God of peace and of love.
“Therese thinks all this”–you say–“because she does not know my difficulties.” She does know, and knows them well; she understands everything, and she tells you confidently that you can go without fear to receive your only true Friend. She, too, has passed through the martyrdom of scruples, but Jesus gave her the grace to receive the Blessed Sacrament always, even when she imagined she had committed great sins. I assure you I have found that this is the only means of ridding oneself of the devil. When he sees that he is losing his time he leaves us in peace.
In truth it is impossible that a heart which can only find rest in contemplation of the Tabernacle–and yours is such, you tell me–could so far offend Our Lord as not to be able to receive Him . . . What does offend Jesus, what wounds Him to the Heart, is want of confidence.
Pray much that the best portion of your life may not be overshadowed by idle fears. We have only life’s brief moments to spend for the Glory of God, and well does satan know it. This is why he employs every ruse to make us consume them in useless labour. Dear sister, go often to Holy Communion, go very often–that is your one remedy.

Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan.” so obviously that is a good one.

I use, “Father, take me to the foot of the cross.” and meditate on that image.

Remember that praising God IS an insult to Satan…


We are weak and only see and understand in part. I don’t think it’s a good idea to pick a fight with the devil. You would be biting off more than you can chew.
The advice you’ve been given is accurate. Begin and continue praising God - praise Him for Who He Is - and all that He has done. Go through His attributes and praise Him for each. And employ the Word of God. Speak out scriptures that defeat the lies of the devil. They repell him as well. The Devil is much stronger than you / we are. But Christ is infinately stronger.

I always shudder when I hear people say foolish things like, “bring it on, devil”. That’s one of the most reckless things I can think of for a human to say because they always get what they ask for. The point is that the devil puts us in the fire of temptation to destroy us. If we start dancing around in the fire, Praising God - we are being purified and strengthened. The devil doesn’t want that. He would then have to take us out quickly so that we don’t continue to praise God - magnifying Him and glorifying Him.
(And don’t forget that every praise to God lasts eternally. God keeps every single one in His heart forever. So ‘rack up’ as many as possible loving and adoring Jesus. They’ll be waiting there inside of God when you get there.)
Most people get in the fire and curse the fire. The devil likes that. I know you were looking for funny retorts for the devil. I would recommend developing your stand-up routine in another area where it wouldn’t get you into so much hot water. The devil is THE Sociopath. He never tires. He never completely gives up. He keeps coming, and coming at you. Only the Living God can easily over-power him. Not us alone.
So get filled with the Living God. Walk in Him, breathe Him in, meditate on Him ceaselessly, and praise Him. And keep the silliness, because we need that, but not in our monologue to the devil. That’s too serious to play around with. Instead - fight that fight solemnly and vigilantly, be sober and untiring in your hard work of praising God when the chips are down, so that you are not discouraged or destroyed in the process. Take the devil’s attempts seriously and pay attention soberly to his designs on you. He’s not playing. We shouln’t be either. Don’t drink the poison because we trust that God will protect us from it having any effect on us. Identify the poison and respond immediatly to contain it and dispose of it properly so that nobody is harmed by it. The poison is demonic influence and the devil’s temptations.
Peace to you, peace to all.

i love it ! :d

The devil is an angel , a being that is your superiour treat him as such.
Christ did not insult the devil while he was tempting Jesus, nor did the Arch angel when fighting over the body of Moses.
A Hail Mary is like a vitamin C pill against the devil.

Glory Be.

St. Micahel prayer.

Guardian Angel prayer.

Thank you for your responses, I will keep them in mind :thumbsup:

In school the nuns told us just to say: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Satan cannot abide the names of the Holy Family.

You can also say: Guardian Angel in front of me, Guardian Angel behind me, Guardian Angel to the right of me, Guardian Angel to the left of me, Guardian Angel above me, Guardian Angel below me, Guardian Angel all through me, Guardian Angel protect me.

Then too you can say: Archangel Michael in front of me, Archangel Michael behind me, Archangel Michael to the right of me, Archangel Michael to the left of me, Archangel Michael above me, Archangel Michael below me, Archangel Michael all through me, Archangel Michael protect me.

You can say the same for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You can also just begin praying, saying the Our Father, praying the Rosary, etc. as other posters have said.

Don’t speak to Satan, ask for protection and call your protectors by name.

Satan will fare very poorly against any of these. Satan may have been made very powerful when he was created, but these protectors have a direct hotline to God, and their access to Divine Power is immediate. Satan cannot stand against God.

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