What should I say?

Over the past several weeks, I have seen my dad watching skimpy (but not explicitly pornographic) videos on his computer late at night. I have come down the stairs and seen him scramble to click out of his opened windows, and may have even seen him delete his browsing history.

For the record, my dad is nominally Methodist and doesn’t appear to pray. I love him, but he is also very stubborn. I have told my mom about this, and though she doesn’t condone it, she also said that “he is a grown man” and that we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

I have yet to approach him about it, out if fear that I will be ignored. Does anyone here have any advice?

This problem is between your parents. If you mom is aware of it, then let her handle it. Pray, pray, pray for your dad.

I agree with this.

I remember walking in on my dad. It was awful. I never said anything because I’m sure my mother already knew and it wasn’t my business. Really, at this point I’d only say something if he left evidence around for my kids (“swimsuit issues” etc.) if they were visiting, or if he said something in front of them.

Other than that, I pray.

Leave it ALONE!!! All you will succeed in doing is to humiliate him which will cause hate and discontent in the family. How would you feel if a family member caught you in a similar situation and called you out on it? The difference here, being that a parent, theoretically an authority figure, is concerned.
Sometimes one can be terribly wrong by being right!
The best thing you can do is to keep quiet and pray for him. You might consider saying a rosary or two for the benefit of his soul.

How old are you? is it his home or yours? honestly, as weird as this is going to sound, at least your dad ‘scrambled to get rid of the evidence’. I have seen far too many men just leave it there with no respect for the blatant humiliation they are doing to their kids

He is 60, I am 23.

Confronting your Dad may not be a good idea. This is a marital issue. If you come downstairs and he is doing this, just don’t look his way and keep going. Praying for him is a good idea.

Your father is Bored in more ways than one ,
What he is doing is inappropriate , plus talking to him about it would be very Awkward for you ,
perhaps you could mention something to your fathers best friend Or brother perhaps ?
Someone his own age, and be in confidence ,

Pray, pray and pray some more!

Sadly, it is his home, you can’t tell him what to do. Prayers

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