What should I think about during Advent?


I know that Advent is a time to think about Jesus’ first coming- his birth. And Advent is a time to think about his second coming- the last day. Ok give me a little help here. I would like specific questions and not simple general thoughts. Something small gives me a thought my mind can ponder for its short attention span. :o


Have you looked into the daily readings for the season? You want something specific, but not simple, yet small enough to give you a thought you can ponder…jeesh…that’s a tall order…I’m sure you can find some specific links on CAF!


If you would like to do the daily readings, you can download the Laudate to your smart phone and access them there.


There is another coming to reflect on – how Jesus comes to you (us) today in our daily lives. Perhaps an Advent reflection is how does Jesus come to me each day.


Sure its a tall order. That’s why I asked the forums. Heck, I just want to be spoon fed. If somebody else has better ideas than me, I want to benefit from the light that the Holy Spirit has given them. I read the daily readings. Alas, a smart phone does not fit into my budget. I’m still on a communicator- voice and text only, no apps, no photos, no nutin’. And thanks, these are good suggestions.


The Christian East has maintained the period before Christmas (Advent in the West) as a season of fasting and penance, with a joyful character. While the fast is no longer considered mandatory (at least in my own Ruthenian Church), we are encouraged to keep the traditional fast as much as possible in order to properly prepare ourselves for Christmas.

Perhaps you can keep the season as a more austere time and avoid unnecessary indulgences, which can distract from proper preparation for the season? Also, if you don’t go frequently already, Advent is a good time to get to Confession.


Good suggestion. I am seriously considering it. First I will refrain from drinking my high end coffee- french roast, espresso or italian roast. (Starbucks never, not until they change their corporate same-sex policy) This is a small sacrifice, very small but it is a start.


I think about the real reason for the real season when I am out and about. I use Advent as a way to push out the influences of commercialism, even if I am shopping for Christmas presents (which I actually don’t spend much on nor buy many of). When I am at home watching TV, Advent helps me to not be annoyed by so many commercials and the selling of Christmas. I just think about how I am not really part of that world. Sometimes I do think I have a secret that I wish others would know, though.

I make a thoughtful selection of clothes to wear on Advent Sundays. Purple or purple and pink. On joy Sunday I might wear a white sweater and pink scarf. My errands are usually done on Sunday afternoons because I use public transportation and that is often the only day I go out (other than a walk to the grocery store). So, when I am shopping after church I feel I am showing my “Advent colors”. Sometimes I see other people in Advent colors too. Whether they planned that, I don’t know.


Thanks this was a good answer. Specific, clear, actionable.


I recently found a booklet called Praying Through Art.

It’s a guide to religious/ Nativity type art at the Nat’l Galery in DC. It tells you where to find certain pieces of art in the gallery, gives background on the piece, then a reflection on each.

In mid December I’m hoping to go to the gallery and use the booklet as my own little Advent field trip/ meditation/ pilgrimage. :slight_smile:

If you live in or near a big city, perhaps you can do something similar.


A good short reading is a book called “Living the days of Advent and the Christmas Season 2013” written by Anthony Esolen, published by Paulist Press. It is a daily reflection of the days mass readings. You can tear a page out and place it somewhere you can readily read and reflect on these words from the holy scripture. Discover how they relate to you and your world. Pray and take action. As it says; Live every day of Advent and the Christmas season this year. It’s a short but powerful Holy Spirit filled daily reading/reflection.
Pax et Bonum:bible1:


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