What should one do?


Say a male Catholic is on vacation. He goes to the beach every day. Should he, like everyone else go to the beach shirtless or with a shirt? Im asking this because women may lust after his body if he is shirtless.


If he feels he has the sort of body that is likely to incite lust than he should wear a shirt and modest trunks.

Of course he cannot control the feelings of others, but he has addressed his own moral responsibility.


Wear a shirt most of the time, both for modesty and for skin cancer prevention.


Go shirtless. If others want to choose to be lustful that is their problem. Frankly I just don’t get all this lust stuff. I simply never had the problem. My sister used to call me the “heart-breaker.” Apparently I had admirers but never really knew it as I was so focused on my studies and could have cared less.


Sometimes there is no need to choice something, just follow this man advice for the cancer.


Breaking news: Most guys go the beach to in fact attract women and show off their body. They actually want to incite attraction and yes lust in women.

And most of the women I know go to the beach for the same reasons, to show off their beach bodies and attract others.


So the millions of famillies that go to the beach every year?Are the husbands and wives trying to incite the fancy of others? That statement is entirely anecdotal. Unless you have some survey to show this, I’d be curious to learn your basis for this opinion?

Additionally, what about all of the other people who go to the beach aside from families? Fishermen? Joggers? Surfers? Swimmers? Snorkelers? Sand Volleyball players? People with metal detectors? People who like the view of the sun setting on the ocean?

Perhaps your definition of ‘most’ guys needs refining. When I was single and in college, my fraternity brothers and I would go to the beach to drink some beers, swim in the water, and throw the football. We never tried to pick up women or draw anyone’s attention. Bars and partiers were a different matter - my fraternity brothers loved trying to mingle with the opposite sex. But the beach was just a time to hang out with the guys. I find your opinion to be rather shallow of men.


My basis is that I work at a beach resort (we have boats, paddleboards, parasailing, kayaks, ski doos, etc…) and this past weekend, we had over 7000 people at the beach, most I’ve ever seen. Obviously there are families who come to the beach, but trust me, I’d bet that in a survey of fraternity brothers/men 18-30, over 95% are indeed trying to draw the attention and pick up women. More than 95% in fact :slight_smile:


Where is your beach located? Perhaps certain beaches are more likely than others, but if you are including husbands in your tally of men, I’d find that number to be hyperbolic. What is your criteria for determining if someone is ‘trying to draw the attention of women and pick up women’?

You are also cutting the male population into a pretty narrow gap of 18-30 years old.


You know, I don’t work at a beach resort, so maybe I am naive and unobservant in all of my beach trips…but I think this is an absurd analysis. Just my opinion, I suppose.

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