What should vegetarians abstain from during Fridays on Lent?

Hi everyone. What should vegetarians abstain from during Fridays on Lent? :shrug::confused: I know that Lent is rather far off but I was just curious. Thanks!

Some other food that you enjoy and have regularly - cake, soda, candy or sweets, alcohol.

Skip the coffee (or have it without sugar if you normally have it sweet), have your toast plain without jam or butter or other toppings. Try skipping the salt and pepper or other seasoning on your food, have your salad plain without dressing.

If food isn’t your thing, give up something else for the day that you’d do better without - TV, nonessential internet or what have you.

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Ah ok. Those are some good ideas Lily. I’m not a vegetarian but I am considering becoming one. :slight_smile:

I was a vegetarian for about 6 years, when I was a Presbyterian. There are no requirements for abstaining from meat during Lent for Presbyterians, but the years I did eat meat, I abstained. When I didn’t, I gave up coffee, which actually is much harder for me to give up than meat ever will be. Though I do consume it now, it is not everyday, and usually it’s the flavorings that are added to food. I will be abstaining when lent comes, but since that isn’t a big sacrifice for me (I’m just as happy either way with eating meat, not eating meat) I will be giving up coffee again this Lenten season.

Good luck with the vegetarian diet! Just remember to get plenty of protein!

God Bless!

I think in this day and time that a vegetarian would definitely be practicing penance on Fridays by giving up their coffee/tea/cola. I think this culture is totally tied to caffeinated beverages. (I say this, but I don’t know that I could do it for more than a couple days in the year myself.:eek: )

“What should vegetarians abstain from during Fridays on Lent?”

They should eat meat, of course.:smiley: :thumbsup: :smiley:


I would suggest abstaining from something you like and would have everyday, something that would be a sacrifice. You could also add something that you do not normally do. You could visit someone at an old folks home, or sick and shut in, thus sacrificing your time.

Meat! :smiley:

Since that’s not an issue, obviously, some other penance would be beneficial to you. Say a Rosary, go to a prayer vigil at an abortuary, donate food to a food bank. These penances aren’t required, though, but encouraged nonetheless, especially during Lent.

My first thought is that Lent would be a great time to fast from “fake” meat! A time to go back to eating simply, when sometimes vegetarianism can slide into the convenience-food mentality as easily as a more mainstream diet.

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Seriously, though, for some vegetarians to eat meat (especially if they’ve not eaten any for a few years) is TORTURE! After awhile of not eating meat, the body slows down on making the enzymes that are responsible for digesting the meat. This causes nausea, stomach cramps, diarea, and other kinds of gastric side-effects when it’s consumed. I went through all of this after eating meat for the first time in 4 years, so I know this all from personal experience. I also know a few other “lapsed” vegetarians who have described similar “re-feeding” processes themselves. Lent is a time for penance, and doing something really difficult, but it’s not a time for torture, IMO.

Maybe giving up the TVP, TSP, and tofu would be a good alternative, because that is the equivalant of meat to some vegetarians (and to some non-veggies, too). However, when I was a vegetarian, I didn’t really eat that much of the fake meat, so still, wasn’t difficult enough. I think that in this situation, it calls for a honest look at ones diet and maybe eliminating something that’s very difficult. I’ve drank coffee since I was 5, regularly since I was 9. I got to the point of freaking out whenever I didn’t have any coffee any particular day, and so since it was the most difficult thing for me to give up, I decided that it was my Lenten abstaination. I’ve not celebrated Lent as a full Catholic, though, since I just joined this past year, so I would take this with a grain of salt, especially since I’ve not really discussed with with a priest or a spiritual director.

God Bless!

Brocolli. And brussel sprouts. That would leave more for me :smiley:


I am vegetarian. Since I already don’t eat meat, I abstain from eggs, dairy, honey, etc. all animal products and only eat vegan foods.

I guess the only thing I really have left as a vice to give up would be coffee.:stuck_out_tongue:

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