What should we do if a protest or vandal strikes our Church?

I have not found a thread addressing this, and I will be asking a priest this question soon.
There are sadly plenty of examples in the news. The protests in Poland spring particularly to mind. This is a country that is far more Catholic and conservative than we are. And yet, the left in that country staged huge protests against a tightening of the abortion law.

Yes, this article might have put it in my mind: https://www.crisismagazine.com/2020/poland-is-falling

It would be naive to think these trends will not continue, especially if we have a pro-life Supreme Court ruling similar to that in Poland. Imagine hundreds of angry, aggressive pro-choice protestors surrounding your parish church, perhaps coming into your sanctuary during Sunday Mass and harassing clergy. If it can happen in Poland, you better believe it can happen here.

So yeah, what should we do if we found ourselves in a parish that some anti-Catholic group wanted to stage a protest in? Should we stay in our pews? Should we call the police? Should we yell at them to leave? Should we protect the Eucharist? Should we try to apprehend these people? Should we fight back if they are violent?

How do we prevent vandalism? What should the punishment be for someone who vandalizes a Catholic Church? Should we call for an anti-blasphemy law, like they have in Russia, against such actions as these.

I think our pastors need to consider this as a possibility. Quite frankly, after the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, I think congregations should have been thinking about this. Are any Knights of Columbus ex-police or ex-military?
I know that in the history of the Church in the U.S. some parishes had groups of men who volunteered to take a night watch. Iā€™m sure modern technology might make that task a lot easier. But, I think parishes should really look into this.

Our Churches are targets, to many people. I want to know appropriate responses to various things, and inappropriate ones.

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