What should we do with dissenters in the Catholic Church?


Wasn’t Martin Luther excommunicated and now no longer is?:confused:


Pray for them…however, if they’re taking a stubborn stand in favor of abortion, then they should be denied communion until they sincerely repent.


Just FYI there seems to be a big misunderstanding about excommunication overall in that some people are under the impression that it means one is not welcome back. This is not true and not what its purpose is for, instead it is to help people find their way back. The Church wants all to be fully united with Christ and living a life centered around him, sometimes that is done through excommunication.

Excommunication is something a person can automatically incur by certain actions (i.e. procurring an abortion) or it can be imposed or declared as the sentence of an ecclesiastical court. However, neither is necessarily permanent (there is a process to be reconciled & come back to the full communion). One is still a Catholic & should to work to restore their relationship with Christ (however they are not to partake in the Eucharist until they have been received back into full communion). Excommunicates should still attend Mass and is that relationship with Christ that will help them to repent and return to the authentic practice of the faith.

newadvent.org/cathen/05678a.htm --this gives more than anyone ever wanted to know about excommunication. But be assured that there is a process in place to return to the fullness of the faith & full communion.

However, with the OP question it is too broad to say dissent should equal excommunication. Without it being more defined it cannot be answered as a one-size-fits-all in relation to excommunication.

Definitely I believe we should pray for all who are currently separated spiritually from the full practice, understanding & life of the faith. :gopray2: We should also live our faiths fully in order to help draw others to Christ more completely. I know that prayer, turning toward Christ & seeing other faithful Catholics authentically living out the Church teachings was what brought me home.


As memory serves me, I think excommunication calls for absolution from the Bishop or higher, and I admit I don’t know Luther’s story. But I’m sure he had the opportunity to receive it if he repented and desired it.



I think dissenters are more annoying than Protestants. Some of the former members who are Catholics here are dissenters. I won’t name them. One keeep insist the Church will change its policy on gays and women priesthood. What an idiot.


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