What should you do with stolen property

I have a question, say if you stole something and you ate not able to donate it or give it back to the owner . What do you do with that item ? Should you just throw the item away?

Yes, for if one truly has contrition for his sin of stealing, he shouldn’t reap the benefits of his ill gain.

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Why can’t you give it back to the owner?

I don know where he lives

Drop off the item at the police station as stolen property and give all the information if you didn’t steal it you have nothing to worry about.

and the person who did steal (whoever it was) it should go to confession being sorry for what they did and stop stealing.

If it is truly impossible to give the item back to its original owner or to donate it, then you should make a donation to charity in the amount of the approximate value of the item. If you can’t afford to do so, then you can make donations in installments. The best thing to do is to go to confession and ask your confessor what appropriate restitution would be. Since we don’t know what the item was or its worth, then I can’t give you any more advice than this.

This is a question for your pastor in confession.

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