What shows have "Jumped the Shark"

I am sure you are all familiar with the TV term, “Jump the Shark.” It came from the Happy Days show where most feel the show went down hill after the episode where Fonzie jumped a shark tank on water skies.

What shows, old or new, do you think either have already jumped the shark or (if an old show), when did they jump the shark?

Ill go first.

MASH - Although great classic show. I believe it lost its edge after around season 5 or 6 when Hawkeye started becoming freinds with Hot Lips. I think even an episode where they where, how do I say here, very close.

Sorry I don’t watch much TV. But these never jumped.

Star Trek, the original series: never jumped the shark (79 or 80 episodes).

Kolchak the Night Stalker, mid 1970s series: never jumped the shark (but only 20 episodes). See X-Files vs. The Night Stalker comparison. Meant to add: this guy disagrees with me: “Later episodes of The Night Stalker, such as The Sentry and The Youth Killer, were dredging the bottom of the barrel.”

Police Squad!, early 1980s comedy: never jumped the shark (but only 6 episodes!). :mad:

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week: jumped the shark first episode. Sorry bad joke. :thumbsup:

Phil P

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