what sin is this?

If I make a decision based on trivial reasons what is it called?

It’s called “human nature”.:wink:

I’m not sure that’s a sin. It’s called an “impulse buy” in some cases.

If, for example, you decide to buy a candy bar at the checkout, a candy bar that would cost less if you bought a whole box of them in the candy aisle, there’s nothing really wrong with that.

If, however, you went out and bought a new car on credit, one that you couldn’t afford and just because you liked the cool wheels or the color, that would be poor stewardship of your resources and might likely be considered sinful.

Well, excluding the “impulse buys” then, since impulse buys are generally reasonable even though you don’t consciously reason to the conclusion to buy the item -you generally know that you can afford it and that it is okay to use.

I’m talking about rationalization style actions. You take a small reason and use it to do something.

Hmmmmm. Can you give an example?

The other term that comes to mind is “immaturity”; making judgments based on a lack of sufficient reasoning. Now it matters, methinks, if someone is capable of such reasoning. For example, a 15 year-old could hardly make a decision on where to invest the dad’s retirement savings; on his own, he’d likely make a poor choice.

The dad, on the other hand, even if he were not capable of making “good” investment choices (kinda like me…I know jack squat about investing), would be more likely to reason that it was a good idea to seek investment advice before risking his financial resources.

Or maybe we’re looking for “imprudence” ?

You beat me to it. :smiley:

I must say, if imprudence were the worst of my sins, my confessions would be easy. :shrug:

Maybe imprudence because I rationalized committing a mortal sin before I committed it and I was wondering what (if) sin the rationalization was and if it added to the badness of the mortal sin.

It would be a good thing to mention this in confession, along with the sin. :slight_smile:

There is a possible additional dimension to rationalization (in some cases), but you should not attach to this if it doesn’t apply to you: that is, some people rationalize the committing of the sin on the grounds that they “can just go to confession later” (and God will forgive them). That is an additional sin of Presumption. (Presuming upon God’s mercy as an excuse to commit a sin you know to be a sin.)


If you make a decision based on trivial reasons, what is it called?

It is called a poor decision.

Triviality is only triviality when more substantive reasons that are pertinent are ignored.

If it is deemed that the reasons are trivial, then the acknowledgment of substantive reasons must exist; otherwise, there is nothing trivial to the reasons.

It is always a poor decision to ignore the substantive, in favor of the trivial.

Since you said the reasons are to be considered trivial, the decision is to be considered poor.

Once the decision is had, whether based on trivia or substance, it may or may not be sinful.


It is called “lying to yourself”


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