What sins did Jesus pay for?

*]Did Jesus only pay for original sin?
*]Or all sin? Original sin and all mortal and venial sins?
*]If he payed for mortal and venial sins, why do we have to pay for them in purgatory?
*]If it’s only original sin he paid for, is “sin of the world” referring to this particular sin?

From what I gather, even though a sin is forgiven, it still has to be paid for. But we can’t pay for the original sin because it’s too large. I think…? But I don’t see how we can pay for a mortal sin in purgatory either, since the cost is one life. I do understand Jesus’ life is worth an infinite amount, which can pay for all sins though. So, what details am I missing or not understanding?

Feel free to elaborate. Thank you!

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