What sins do you think most catholics are unaware of?


If you are not aware of it, it’s not a sin.



Neither canon law nor the CCC specify 10%.

What one is obliged to is what I said, give to the poor and the Church. Plus perhaps some other things if you are part of an association. I agree with you that it would be seriously wrong to neglect the poor and the Church. I would think it would be a sin against charity. Maybe like Dives and Lazarus (the rich guy with a beggar at his gate parable).

Canon Law:

Can. 222 §1. The Christian faithful are obliged to assist with the needs of the Church so that the Church has what is necessary for divine worship, for the works of the apostolate and of charity, and for the decent support of ministers.

§2. They are also obliged to promote social justice and, mindful of the precept of the Lord, to assist the poor from their own resources.


We’re helping people to become aware. :upside_down_face: But all Catholics should read the Catechism, anyway. How can one profess a faith they don’t really know?


Either way, one needs to examine their self if they are too attached to vanity. If you are squandering your money on super expensive shoes or other luxury when you could have easily give then that’s a sign of vanity.


Avarice or greed could be possible causes of buying a bunch of junk, or maybe fear. Perhaps that is why you mentioned faith earlier. :bulb: Faith helps overcome fear. Or maybe vanity could cause people to buy things, like clothes and stuff.


Contraception, advocating abortion (including support of it in politics), failure to attend mass on Sunday are the usual things. Plus taking communion without going to confession if you have committed a serious sin. But now I think even when people are told this, it gets shrugged off because I’m not sure many Catholics really believe the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit anymore. It’s not even necessarily just “use your conscience” – people just flat out don’t believe in the authority of the church, and the scandals have recently made things even worse, because credibility has been destroyed.

Holy day of obligation. I don’t know what part of “optional” people think that is, but it’s not.


Discouragement. It is insidious.

Some sins are recognized if a person is Catholic or not, like murder, malicious gossip and its effects, greed, stealing, coveting, adultery & its cousins, dishonoring parents, etc. Just my opinion, but I don’t think unawareness is the problem, I think it’s the old attitude of “I don’t want to, I don’t have to, I’m not going to.” Non serviam.


Our priest has said we should give what we are comfortable giving, based on our means. That ten percent is a suggested amount, with five percent supporting the parish and five percent supporting the poor and needy through charities of our choice.



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As others have said, Catholics are obliged, under pain of sin, to “support” the Church in a material way…money, time, etc. We are not, of course, required to give a certain percentage. That being said, the Church does have the authority to require a certain percentage and has at various points in history. The Church has the power of binding and loosing. At present, Catholics are “loosed” from the requirement to give a particular percentage, but for much of Church history the tithe (10%) was indeed binding under canon law.
Even today, in Germany, Catholics are obliged to pay the Church tax…its not 10%, but it is an obligatory percentage.


catholics do NOT Tithe


we can be generous in many ways. It depends on our circumstances. We can be generous with our time and talents.

why not read the catechism of the church instead.


The catechism is called “the deposit of faith” and we are supposed to accept what it says.

So…it is rash to label this or that as mortal sins, without considering the circumstances. 1735 says that a person may have reduced or negligible culpability for a grave action under certain circumstances. One form of malice towards another person is self-defense. Self-defense is justified. Certainly many forms of malice towards other may indeed be serious sin (mortal).


Wrong. Your culpability is only lessened.


Pride. We may not join in on the local Pride Parade, but that doesn’t stop us from having our own.


The vast majority of sins are sins of omission.

98% of people are not at a level in their spiritual life to even begin tackling them.

We are generally oblivious to how ultimately selfish all of our motives are.


I’m not sure what to call it. When Christians can agree w abortion
or Capital punishment.The world puts us, by our choices, into some pitiful circumstances. Sex before marriage. If we didn’t sin here, we wouldn’t get pregnant and want an abortion. We don’t need an abortion! We need to have the child and give the life. But, Catholic Christians are for abortions. PRIDE, I think.
I’m for Capital Punishment for murder, rape & pediophilia. Absolute proof! Death by DRUG INJECTION IS GOOD! I don’t know why some think it’s torture. Get the right doses for the weight of the criminal. You put them to sleep first. You paralyze them second. That stops their breathing while they sleep. Third. A large dose of potassium is given that stops the heart. Ten minutes, they should be dead. One could argue OT thoughts FOR THIS…
But, if Jesus won’t perform an abortion. He won’t pull the switch. But, THERE WILL BE JUDGEMENT ONE DAY.
We should be one belief here.
Pres. Trump, some of us see him as called by God for this journey. This RESISTANCE FROM SATAN has slowed down his Spiritual growth. He is under continued attack. We TRUMPSTERS know he’s a sinner but he is pro-Christian & Israel. He’s anti-Abortion. The church is less persecuted since he’s in. BUT a culture of HATE & RESISTANCE is going on. Catholic Christians hate TRUMP. That should stop them in their tracks HATE ! HATE! That is not Jesus. God doesn’t care if we have a black or female or white Pres. He wants a Godly one who loves America.
Division is not of God! We should be unified by his policies. AMERICA IS AT RISK W SOCIALISM & PROGRESSIVISM. We aren’t a shining city on a hill anymore.
Definitely pride. Not aligning in spiritual truths w God…
Show us Your desires, Father. Let us follow YOUR WAYS. In Jesus name


I would say this story describes the sin though i don’t know what to call it, youtube. com/watch?v=qQDIcEMVqnQ


Gluttony and sloth. Americans are imprisoned by consumerism. So much waste.


Work poorly done.

The Catechism actually calls it out as morally illicit.

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