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Nightwish - The Greatest Show on Earth
20 minutes masterpiece about the creation of earth; first light; the evolution from the last universal common ancestor to humankind and eventually to the destruction of the earth by the hand of human.



Not listening to anything, just silence.


I heard the sound of silence by simon and garfunkle is excellent


“My Old Man” by Mac DeMarco

(Here are the chords for anyone who wants to play it for Father’s Day: chordify.net/chords/mac-demarco-my-old-man-official-audio-capturedtracks )


Believer - Imagine dragons


About 4 hours ago I listened to this guitar piece (not a song, sorry) and it’s still playing in my head:
Panini Pua Kea, by Cyril Pahinui


You’re my kind of woman, randomuser.


Talking Heads- Making Flippy Floppy


Tree frogs in my back yard! Ya’ll know the composer…:slight_smile:

About ten minutes ago - A Whiter Shade of Pale, original Procol Harem version.


Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz



“Heathens” by 21 Pilots


Been listening to “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” by Old Dominion way too much since Sunday.




Interesting I enjoyed the finger picking on the 12-string acoustic. It took me a minute to determine the guitar was tuned to open C. Gave it a nice warm sound.


The Band - It makes no difference




Sulfur’ by Slipknot


**Rita Ora **- BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017

“Hot Right Now”

“Coming Home”


**Kings Of Leon **- BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017


“Use Somebody”


**Imagine Dragons **- “Believer” - BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2017


Yes - Starship Trooper



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