What song are you listening to right now? #2

Love Hate Love - Alice in Chains

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Laura Jean Anderson

‘I am the abyss’ by Shylmagoghnar

‘Carnal’ by Vader

The second song in this post, at about 1/2 way through:

‘Fury of the storm’ by Dragonforce

Tash Sultana

I listened to “Singularity” , the final track on Devin Townsend 's latest album. All 23 minutes!

I don’t know the title or the artist. (Wish I did. Would like to add it to my playlist.) But it has the lyrics, “The light’s on. The light’s on you.”

It was in the episode “Stuck Dancing With My Dad” (Disney Channel series, Stuck In The Middle) in the scene where Harley replaces her little sister, Daphne, in the dance competition.

The song is also featured in the current Kentucky Downs commercial.

I believe this is the song @lilypadrees

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There’s No Tomorrow - Clan of Xymox

YES!!! No wonder I couldn’t find it. It sounded like “The light’s on you” instead of “All eyes on you.”

Thank you SO much!!! It’s now on my playlist. And I’ve listened to it all the way through.

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I Never Said I Love You - Orsa Lia

Stranger (Remix) - Clan of Xymox

From one of my favorite Justins.

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