What song are you listening to right now? #2




Maybe April


‘Renegades of funk’ by Rage Against The Machine


‘Breaking the habit’ by Linkin Park


Our Love is Easy by Melody Gardot

Hard to pack more emotion into one song.


Skillet - Watching For Comets

Heard it on the radio this mourning, been listening to it today. :slight_smile:


This one too :slight_smile:

Red - Glass House


‘Bitter metallic side’ by Kalmah


Ave Maria by Gregorian


‘Trashed, lost and strungout’ by Children Of Bodom.


‘Psychosocial’ by Slipknot


Just the spring rain and bees in the wall :slight_smile: Taking a break


Mr. Bad Example - Warren Zevon


I am what I am - Gloria Gaynor

I am useful
I am true
I am somebody
I am as Good As You


Surprised you were allowed to start this thread. Isn’t music the tool of Satan? The RC banned the diminished fifth as the ‘Devil’s Chord’ even though it is used to resolve to another key… (Example is C and Gb/F# resolving to G maj because C and F# form part of D7)… So any music that uses a seventh is technically using the Devil’s Chord…


I’m going to have to ask for a source on that one.




Sweet Home Alabama…


Nowhere in the article do I see any reference to a Church condemnation of a particular tone.


‘Death and the healing’ by Wintersun

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