What song are you listening to right now? #2



‘Blackened’ by Metallica


My all time favorite artist.


First Love Never Die by SOKO


Wow :slight_smile: Found him last year,listening during Fall in MO sitting on the front porch in the Indian Summer,
leaves eddying



That sounds cool I love listening to his music while I visit my hometown country house. It’s got a certain vibe to it I can’t really find in other music. I actually saw him about two months ago live with Blind Pilot and it was seriously amazing


Lucky you,that would have been great :slight_smile:


‘Coming back down’ by Hollywood Undead



Third Day and Brandon Heath perform Rich Mullins “Creed” in the studio


‘Land of snow and sorrow’ by Wintersun


‘Heroes of our time’ by Dragonforce



‘Smoke and mirrors’ by Bloodshot Dawn

I just discovered this band today. I think I’m in love! :heart_eyes:


Marigold and Patchwork by the Appleseed Cast.


It’s great to find new music,how many times have you listened to it today?


I’ve listened to their album ‘Demons’ in its entirety. I’m going to buy some of their songs on my Android. One exception has to be made with a song that has the F-word in it; I won’t buy that one. But aside from that, I intend to get some of their songs and support Bloodshot Dawn.


Lo Moon


‘I am the abyss’ by Shylmagoghnar

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