What song are you listening to right now? #2



‘The invention of hatred’ by Pyrithion


‘The old rugged cross’ by Alan Jackson


“Smurf Shoe” by Freescha




‘Reason so believe’ by Arch Enemy. I love this song so much. :heart:


‘My sweet Lord’ by George Harrison



‘Delirium’ by Lacuna Coil


‘Roots bloody roots’ by Sepultura


‘Child in time’ by Deep Purple


‘Nemesis’ by Arch Enemy

This song just makes me want to break stuff. :metal:


Two songs by Tenth Avenue North: Healing Begins and You Are More. They may be Protestant; but they’re good to listen to.


‘Squandered Paradise’ by Shylmagoghnar


Wow! One of my best friends was in the Appleseed Cast for awhile.

Now listening to: “I Believe in Trying” by Lucas Oswald.


Really? That is awesome. My dad had worked with Black Sabbath and I think Bob Dylan. Basically, my dad was a guitarist for hire when it came to concerts. He was a very talented man. Some people I used to go to church with had a son who was the keyboardist for Cymbals eat guitars. He was on their first album. He died not too long ago.


‘Push it’ by Static-X


‘King’ by Satyricon


Listening to this in the car yesterday

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