What song are you listening to right now?

I’m interested in hearing what other people here are listening to. Post the song you’re listening to right now (if any) and maybe someone else will discover something they like that they haven’t heard before. :thumbsup:

I’ll start with The Allman Brothers


H Eyes by The Ruts

There’s Nothing like the Rain by Awakening (Christian Goth Rock/Metal) band.

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins but don’t ask why. :D:p

“Dead Man” by Wolves at the Gate

Christian Rock Band!!!

I’m enjoying the sound of silence at present. My last music fix was last night. I played Bach: French Suites with pianist Andras Schiff.
Correction: I am now listening to French Suites,:smiley: having found a youtube video to share with you. This saves a trip to my car for the cd. Enjoy!:thumbsup:


The Sound of Silence is one of my favorites.


I remember when this first came out. I just love it! So groovy!!! I’ve searched about a decade for it. Finally found it about one ago. Now I play it all the time! :D:thumbsup:
“Masterplan” by Diana Brown and Barrie K Sharpe

Found it 1 month ago^:thumbsup:

Walk Off The Eart- Somebody That I Used To Know


Good choice! love it :thumbsup:

Beth…by Kiss :smiley:


“Blue Sky” played at Stony Brook, 1971. One of the best examples of the incredible chemistry between Duane Allman and Dickey Betts that I have found.

I was listening to Radiohead earlier.

Lord knows what I’ll be listening to at any given time… Travis Tritt, Saint-Saens, Led Zeppelin, Howlin’ Wolf, Earl Scruggs… The gamut. :slight_smile:

I was listening to one of my favourite songs. Long cool woman in a black dress.


Deep Purple…Made in Japan album…‘Child in Time’

Brahms symphony no.1, Karajan


candy stanton youve got the love…

brilliant song…

its a prayer in my eyes/ears…

Only Time by Enya. My daughter is trying to master it on the piano.

Whipping Post, last night at Fillmore: youtube.com/watch?v=eshNVYygv-s

Worth listening to the whole thing.

Also, just listened to this: youtube.com/watch?v=OEJh2FFUUoU

Probably the best version of Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Voodoo Chile there is.

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