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While a simple priest such as Fr. Pulvermacher (or, indeed, a layman) can be validly elected to the papacy under Catholic canon law, the tCC’s critics claim that neither Pulvermacher nor any other members of the tCC possess episcopal orders. The tCC hence (it is claimed) has no connection to the historic episcopate and no means of transmitting holy orders to future generations of its membership. No bishop was found to consecrate Fr. Pulvermacher after his election, and so the latter, purporting to use the plenary powers of the papacy, granted himself authority to consecrate Gordon Bateman as a bishop, and Bateman subsequently consecrated him. Whether or not a pope has the power to grant a simple priest faculties to consecrate bishops is a disputed question, however.

Size of membership
The tCC claims a worldwide membership, though the available evidence suggests that its adherents are few in number. The number of people who participated in the 1998 papal election has never been disclosed, but the tCC states that more electors voted for Fr. Pulvermacher than had voted for Pius XII in the 1938 conclave in Rome; according to some reports, 61 cardinals cast their ballots for Pius XII. Fr. Pulvermacher’s (alleged) consecration to the episcopate was attended by 28 people.

Such is the case with a small group that has declared themselves to be the real Catholic Church and, like that ‘other’ one in the Vatican, they take their swipes against Freemasonry.

Gordon “Cardinal” Bateman came to our attention when we were directed to an anti-Masonic screed which claimed that all of the Popes and tons of the Catholic hierarchy were, in fact, Masons (“Rosicrucian Masons” - whatever that might be). The ‘footnotes’ that the “Cardinal” had written to the laughable paper displayed either the most extraordinarily poor transposition of text to web or an inability to write simple English. This aroused our curiosity and we decided to browse around their website a bit more. We were very intrigued to find that the “Cardinal” was ordained to the priesthood and consecrated a Bishop in the same day. Pretty amazing and something we’d never heard happen before.

What’s more, this ordination (and granting of a bishopric) was done by Pope Pius XIII. Yes, you read that correctly: Pope Pius the 13th! Those who’re not Catholic might be scratching their heads a bit and even Catholics will likely look at this with furrowed brow. Never heard of that pope, have you? You’ll find it even more interesting to know that he became Pope in 1998. Yes, 1998 - with Pope John Paul II still alive in the Vatican, albeit aging! Of course, there hadn’t been a Pope for some 40 years prior to that time - apparently despite what you may have been lead to believe by those imposters in the Vatican!

If you think this is pretty wacky, you should then appreciate the fact that the website at “True Catholic” isn’t “True Catholic” in the normal sense of the word at all and is, in fact, the fantasy of someone who’s convinced he’s more Catholic than the Pope. In fact, he IS the Pope! The site wants you to believe that everyone in the Catholic church who supports any piece of theology different from what they espouse are/were Masons. Why? Because they’re convinced that the current Church leadership isn’t Catholic like they think they are.

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