What sort of spells do wiccans use?

There have been several theads on wiccans, but when I researched to learn what sort of spells they use, I never found this discussed, though they are witches. This seems to get close to the core of the matter.
I put this into the moral theology forum since no forums seemed to quite fit the topic, and I trust this is satisfactory.

It is my undersatnding that not all wiccans cast spells and that wiccans are forbidden to cast any spells that can cause harm to someone, This is generally interpreted as forbidding any spell that seeks to dominate, manipulate or control another person without their expressed wishes.

Heres a link, I don’t know how accurate it is.

Basically a Wiccan is allowed to cast any spells as long as it harms nobody. As the “Wiccan Rede” states:

“An it harm none, do as ye will.”

That is about the only moral “law” that Wiccans have.

Religious Tolerance is a good website for information and is generally factual although they can be biased towards the liberal side of things. Watch what you read on that site.

Seriously, the most common “spell” I’ve heard about from wiccans is “parking lot spell”–so a wiccan can get a really good parking spot :rolleyes:

Yes, wiccans always talk about “three fold law” of spell casting–essentially near-term karma, which is not surprising since Wicca’s origins are from a guy who was a British Civil servent in a Hindu country

The “spells” I have witnessed in the “open circles” I have attended with my Wiccan friends were quite benign. The “spells” were basically a chanted “prayer” for something to be accomplished. To be quite honest, the “prayers” I have heard those from Christian persuasions sound very much like Wiccan “spells” in content…just the diety’s name is different.

There’s a song one Wiccan friend of mine sings during circle…in it says that the Old Ones gave them “herbs to heal their bodies, spells to make their spirits whole…hear them chanting the healing incantatins, calling forth the Wise Ones, celebrating in dance and song.”

Not all Wiccans “do spells” in the “Bewitched” or “Charmed” fantasy…most “spells” are “prayers”…not unlike what most Christians recite.

Their “spells” can’t be anymore damaging than some of the “prayers” I’ve endured by those who seek God’s “judgement” on “evil doers.”

Fantastic reply!
The Wiccans I have occasion to see are great folks. We believe differently, but the mission work is the same as many in my community.

I don’t judge them. They are ot good or bad, they are who they are, just like a Catholic: not good or bad, just Catholic, mere a human.

I wonder how God communicates with every human on earth…
Is there only one way?

Peace, Love and Serenity

Yes, there is only one way–there is only one Truth–there is only one God, and Wicca is not the correct understanding of the Godhead.

Does this mean wiccans are “damned”–I don’t know, I dont presume to know. I think God may grant particular wiccans a lot of slack–they may have come from a background of dysfunctional Christianity. I suspect there are righteous (and surprised) wiccans in Heaven–or at least Purgatory.

There are bad wiccans (have met a few)–just like there are horrible catholics. Not all catholics are going to Heaven

That is definitely true of spells done in circle with non-pagan guests in attendance, but I can assure you that many Wiccans and pagans get much deeper into magic than that. There is a lot of crossover membership between pagans and groups like the OTO and the Golden Dawn, and still others practice what is known as chaos magick. This kind of spellwork goes far beyond simple prayer and chanting. Some of them hold to some kind of ethical standard (like the so-called “Wiccan Rede”) while others take a more anything-goes kind of attitude.

No doubt some do…just as some “Christians” pray for the ruination and damnation of individuals…that some do…for either group is sad indeed.

I hang around on some pagan forums (I’m a pantheist, not Wiccan) and I can share some of what I’ve noticed over the years.

They mostly cast spells concerning the same sorts of human situations that others would pray about.

Finding a job, getting a good home for their family, finding true love, keeping illness away, that sort of thing.

Some “dark” things like, getting the neighbor’s dog to shut up, having a creepy supervisor replaced, getting an ex off their back, turn up too.

If Wiccans do much beyond that, they don’t share it with the general population.

Now, that being said, there are other pagan traditions that are much more vocal about doing more serious magic, but Wicca, at least the way they present themselves online tends to be rather lite and concerned with day to day life.


It wouldn’t matter morally as all ‘‘spells’’ are forbidden to Christians, good intentions or not.

The first “Wiccan” I met, used to offer to put curses on my Boyfriend when he made me mad. She assured me he would never know why the bad things were happening to him. She claimed to be able to control the degree of the “curse.” I refused naturally.

All the others I met recited that creed about “do no harm” They don’t talk to me about spells much, mostly probably cause they know I disapprove. Only ones I hear of at all are like cheddarsox mentioned. finding love, securing a home etc.

Of course “Christians” never pray for the destruction or devine judgement upon people? I often read on this forum, a group as a whole should never be judged by what single members do…we seem to often forget that plea when it suits us…we need to remember that most when we offer anecdoal 'evidence" as to what a certain tradition does…or doesn’t do.

I was pagan for ten years, and involved in the pagan community. My evidence is first-hand.

I think you are overreacting to the comments here and you are doing so out of a lack of understanding into the theology and worldview of neo-paganism. It has been said several times that many Wiccans and pagans follow a code of ethics, and that is true. Wiccans who deliberately use things like curses are going as much against their Rede as Christians who pray for bad things to happen to others. There is a difference though, and given your understanding of the spiritual world I am not sure you will accept it, but I will explain it anyway.

In Christian prayer we ask God to make certain things happen. That’s it. If we ask God to do something that is evil, then that is a sin and it is a stain on our soul. In the meantime, God will not do our bidding.

In neo-paganism there is no concrete right or wrong, only a kind of vague sense of primitive karma or “do unto others”. Complicating this is the fact that a great many pagans are psychologically and/or emotionally damaged, and the Wiccan Rede’s exhortation to “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will” is more often misunderstood than not. In pagan magic, steps are taken to make things happen directly, or by invoking entities as helpers who ARE willing to do their bidding. Nearly always, these entities are poorly understood and have a tendency to take things into their own hands. Throw all this in the mix, and the results can be very weird. It isn’t just praying to one deity who may or may not respond.

Following up to say that because of all this, even a good or seemingly benign spell can go terribly wrong if done carelessly or by someone whose intentions are skewed. Maybe I can sum it up this way:

Christian prayer = puts it into God’s hands
Pagan magic = direct action on the part of the person which unleashes unpredictable forces and may have unpredictable results, sometimes tragically so

I do understand what you are saying…I’m sure it reflects the neo-paganism you were involved in…but not the Wiccans I am acquainted with. They’ve said something almost exactly in the same vein you said…“magick” worked touches the soul of the witch…if “dark” magick is done, the spirit of the witch is diminished…the Old Ones…the Elder Ones are higher aspects of the witch. If good is put forth…good will return…if bad is put forth…bad will return…the law of “correpsondences” or something of that nature…“like calls to like”…“light calls to light”…“dark calls to dark”.

I do not believe in some Cosmic Santa Claus who is swayed by my petitions and pleadings…I seek to live in the Light and conform my will to that of the Light Within. One of the testimony of scripture is God knows what we need before we even ask…before the thought or prayer is formed upon our lips God is already at work…the Spirt within us prays for us and makes our needs known before the Light. We as Christians seek to conform our will to the will of God…“not my will, but Yours be done.”…“thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is the pattern of prayer Jesus taught his disciples.

My Wiccan friends have similar beliefs…they do not “work spells” to change the world around them agianst other’s will…they “work spells” to change themselves spiritually…to become “one” with the Mystery…to become “incarnations of the God and Goddess”…to understand “the way thiings are and live as they should be”. They see the world as sacred…not fallen…but alive. 'Life will hold you up" I have been told.

There is no doubt your experience with Neo-paganism colors your views of it…I only have these Wiccan friends that color mine.

Not around you, anyway. :wink: Wicca is an initiatory, mystery religion. You see only what they allow you to see. Take my word on this. No I am not saying that Wiccans are evil or that they go around deliberately doing evil. If that had been the case, I would not have remained pagan myself for so long, nor would I still be in friendly contact with my pagan friends. What I am saying that your knowledge of what Wicca is, is superficial. It’s the stuff you read on the back of Llewellyn books.

“You see only what they allow you to see”…come on…I know it’s easier to build fear by hinting at what people do “behind closed doors”…we can foster suspicion with so few words written or uttered.

I wasn’t trying to imply you should fear them. In fact I stated that they are not evil people. All I am saying is that Wicca, and the majority of organized neo-pagan “trads” which are closely related to Wicca in theory and practice, is a mystery religion which is revealed in degrees, and only to initiates. It also contains teachings which are a bit different than the happy-clappy-sweetness-and-light scenario you put forth. It is a simple fact. Now I will grant you this. There are a lot of people who play-act at being pagan, who call themselves Wiccan without knowing much about classical Wicca and just sort of make it all up as they go along. These folks range in their practice from wanna-be Harry Potters to wanna-be Jedis or or whatever. The pagan community at large refers to these folks as “Fluffy Bunnies.” I don’t know if your Wiccan acquaintances are in an established tradition and work in a formal coven with the classical degree system or if they’re something else entirely. :shrug: When someone uses the term “Wicca” I tend to assume it’s formal Wicca, but that can wind up being confusing given how loosely the term is used.

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