What study do you recommend we use to replace Alpha?


MY parish is using the series called Alpha as an ongoing tool for evangelizing. The setup for Alpha is good…everyone gathers for a meal and gets to meet others who they don’y know. watch a 45 min video on “christianity” and then small groups. I like the meal and small groups, but in my opinion the talks by an Anglican minister is a series on how to be a protestant not anything to do with being Catholic. Is there any good bible studies or any series that would be appropriate for use in a Catholic parish. I have been invited to a discussion group this week of parish people to discuss which way the parish should proceede. I favor a series that has more of a Catholic emphasis,Any ideas.?


Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio’s *Touching Jesus Through the Church * study series is an excellent alternative to Alpha. For more information click here.

You also might want to look over the offerings at Emmaus Road Publishing. Click here.

God bless you!

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