What Sunday is it in the 1962 calendar?

Or, more generally, how does one locate oneself in the 1962 liturgical year, to know the propers and readings of the day?

I think you just need to remember it or ask you neighbor - I’m sure there are calendars, because I say one not to long ago at the site Holy Roamer (?) provided for the Gregorian chant.

In any case it is the 15th Sunday after Pentacost right now (or will be tomorrow - I’m not sure if they have Saturday night vigil), and next Sunday (i.e. the 16th of September is the 16th Sunday after Pentecost).

As for the daily readings - well I’m not sure there are any set daily readings like that of the NOM, but I know that they have the propers of the Saints for each day. So that’s where I’d check.


You can use this Ordo even though it’s for England & Wales. Unless a Class I English feast intervenes (really rare) it will tell you the correct Sunday. And you can tell most of the English variations easily enough- they’re marked with a place name.

There is also a calendar at traditio.com, but beware some of the other content.


…If I counted right (don’t ask me to do it again), tomorrow is the 2361[sup]st[/sup] Sunday after Pentecost 1962.


OK, thanks to all for the info.

This is the one that I use:



There were some political problems with the organization in the first link I gave you, but so far, it gives me the correct Epistle and Gospel to study for next Sunday’s Tridentine Latin Mass. Plus, the Sundays are listed so that they are easy to find.

The following link is for the Gregorian Chants and there are no political problems there, but sometimes the Chants don’t match exactly with the parish where I attend High Mass.

It helps to load these weekly chants into my MP3 player and listen to them during my daily walk. That way I can at least hum alone with the congregation as they respond to the priest during mass.

Hope this helps.


I use this one to keep track of which Sunday it is.

Thank you for the link. I checked it out and think it is quite good.

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