What surprised you about your (future) spouse


So most of us probably had some preconceived notion about our spouse before we met him or her. Looks, habits, hobbies…

Anyone have an uncanny "resemblance?"
Anyone totally blown away by someone unexpected?
What was the trait that most surprised you?

I never would have guessed my husband would be 6’4". No one in my family is over 5’8".
I also expected him to be more frugal:rolleyes:
He’s so dreamy:stuck_out_tongue:


I never dreamed my fiance would be a California boy…but he is! :slight_smile: I also didn’t think I’d meet him online…but I did! :slight_smile:

And we are sooooo happy! :love:



Never in a million years did I think i would marry the All American Boy. I always dated the bad boys in high school and early on in college. But then my eagle scouting, volunteering, mentoring, camping, fishing, hiking husband came along. My friends all call him Captain America. That was the biggest surprise. :stuck_out_tongue:


I married a western guy–he’s from AZ. He’s into country music, western shirts, etc. Very bizarre, considering I don’t like any of those things. But, somehow, those shirts look really good on him! The biggest surprise is how well he knows me; he can practically read my mind!


I was born and raised in Texas:thumbsup: .

He was born and raised in Schenectady, New York:eek: .

ergo, we live in New Mexico (and split out of Texas before the bullets started flying!)


SMART LADY! Its Yankee season in Texas right about now…them winter texans are startin’ to show up…OPEN SEASON! NO LIMIT!


I was surprised to learn that he’s just as paranoid as my father when it comes to strangers knocking on the door, etc. I guess girls really do marry replicas of their dads.

On the up side, I was really pleasantly surprised when he completely supported me in my assertion to go off the pill and never use it again. And when he (a non-Catholic) asserted that the Catholics have it right on things like divorce and abortion.

And, he’s dreamy. :love:


I never thought i’d marry someone who has a master’s in theology…or someone from the east coast for that matter, since i too am from austin, texas and now am stuck up here in the cold weather:)


I was surprised at how talented hubby is in so many areas. I grew up with a dad who “patched” things. My hubby fixes wood and cars and does an outstanding job. I am sooo lucky!



before the wedding he danced all the time. that’s how we met, at a school dance, that was most of our dating, going to dances. after the wedding, that was it, he has never danced again.


Aw. :frowning:


I never thought I would marry the jock from my high school…and then I did :slight_smile: When our high school teachers find out that we married eachother they are SHOCKED. Lol. We were heading to our second pre-natal appointment to hear our little one’s heartbeat and DH said to me, “Did you ever think while I sat behind you in Citizenship freshman year that we would get married and then have a child?” Not in a million years. :slight_smile:
In the past 4 months since we got married, the biggest thing that surprised me is how introverted he is…so much so that I have nicknamed our apartment “The Hermitage.” :slight_smile:


I thought I’d marry a wrestler. I know that’s weird, but my dad coached wrestling and my brothers wrestled almost year round from grade 4 through college. We had nightly wrestling matches and wrestling tournament parties.

I married a hunter/archer/fisherman. How’d that happen?:slight_smile:


One’s enough;) !

All kidding aside, no one was more shocked than my former high school classmates and teachers when they met my husband at my 20-year reunion. “You’re MARRIED??? We thought you were going to be a nun!”


I never thought I would end up with Mike because he was discerning a vocation and everyone just knew he would be a priest. Besides, I was pretty confident God would call me to a religious vocation too. So I waited, and waited, and waited. Then God gave me a huge shove in Mike’s direction.
Sometimes we still look at each other and say, “Can you believe this?” My first week as a new wife and new housewife, I was doing laundry and was in disbelief as I realized that I was folding his underwear!:stuck_out_tongue:


I met my wife at a political victory party. Initially, we disliked each other intensely. I considered myself quite a fellow with the ladies at the time and was “entertaining” a number of them, preparatory to making a “choice” for the evening. My wife kept shooting down all of my “charming” statements; quite wittily, I might add. So I took her aside and asked her to stop. Well, we started talking, found that we actually liked each other, and were married a year later.

After we had gone out a few times, she asked me when my birthday is. I told her. She thought I was playing a trick on her; that I had gotten into her purse somehow and read her birthday from her driver’s license and claimed it was my birthday. Same day. She didn’t believe me until I showed her my driver’s license.

We were born and raised three states apart. A few years after we were married, we discovered that my great grandfather and her great grandfather came from the same small town in Indiana, and both came to the U.S. with a group from the same small town in Alsace. Undoubtedly they knew each other; and, in all likelihood, were related.


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