What temperature do you keep your house at


How warm do you keep your house?

I really don't mind a cooler house but my dog HATES it.


I like it cool, so I keep it around 66ish.


I don’t have central heating. I unplug my little space heater and the house cools down to the same temp as outside, around 35 or 40 this winter. Turn the heater back on in the morning.


I usually keep my house at about 72 during the daytime. I don't like needing to wear any kind of sweater while inside my house, so I keep it on the warm side. I'll let it go down to about 67 at night. And even that feels too cold to me... I start shivering if I have to get out of bed after the heater has turned down.


I guess you mean winter? I turn the heat up to 70 or even 72 during the day if it's really cold outside. But the heat goes down to 68 at night, or off if it's about that temp outside. And I would still crack a window open if I could, but our humidity gets so high and we have pollen and stuff outside. Hubby freezes but I still get hot even at 68. The other night it got down to 64 and that was a little better

In the summer we go up to 78 during the day and then down to 72 at night. If I could afford the electric bill I'd keep it at 74 during the day and 68 at night.

But we go back and forth between heat and AC all "winter." We go back to spring in Feb. while the rest of y'all are still freezing.


Wow! You people like your homes to be HOT!

I usually try to set the heat at around 64 degrees (Fahrenheit) during the times we are home and then I let it drop at night. But then that’s partly because we have a cathedral ceiling and the thermostat control is downstairs. If I let heat run at night the upstairs would be stifling and the downstairs would still be cold.

We use space heaters to keep the downstairs warm.


My mom is 86, but she always has and still wears short-sleeved blouses. She might feel cold, if the temp is not set right.

I’m 61.

A couple years ago, we adjusted the thermostat to 72, and we both still felt too cool. We found that 73 was an ideal temperature, and 74 seemed too warm.

We have a gas forced air furnace and a digital thermostat. The thermostat is the real brain. It keeps us within a degree of our desired temperature, so that range for us must be 72.5 to 73.5 degrees, or so.

When the wind is really howling on a chilly night, like 20 degrees or less, I’ve cranked up the thermostat to 74, with no complaints.

Our furnace is less than 5 years old, so it’s pretty good. But, our insulation was non-existant, until a couple years ago. I can’t tell that spending $3,000 on insulation did much good. I don’t think it covered us the way it should, and we probably have a lot of places where we’re losing heat.

I’m in MIchigan. We have an equal-monthly-payment schedule for our natural gas, which is now $90 a month. It jumped from $80 to $90 this year, even though gas prices were supposed to have gone down.

Reason: we just built a handicapped ramp to get my mom in and out in a wheelchair, and so we’re chilling the living room (by the thermostat) every time we go in and out. So, we’re definitely losing a lot there, but it’s just the price we have to pay in our situation.

I happen to have the October bill right here, with the last year’s monthly usages.
These are in MCF units, which I interpret as thousand cubic feet
oct 2009 1.6
nov 6.2
dec 8.2
jan 2010 15.4
feb 13.2
mar 12.4
apr 8.3
may 5.5
jun 3.5 (cool spring I guess)
jul 0.6 (got hot fast)
aug 0.8
sep 0.6
oct 2010 2.1

the charge is broken down as $2.4289 per MCF gas distribution
$ 0.1722 per MCF energy optimization
$ 6.9934 per mcf gas cost recovery

So, our actual cost in Oct 2010 was $30.65, but was $90 on the equal monthly payment plan.


Programmable thermostat.

7 a.m. — 8 a.m. 72 degrees
8 a.m. —*4:30 p.m. 62 degrees
4:30 —*11 p.m. 68 degrees

Summer (AC):
7 a.m —*8 a.m. 72 degrees
8 a.m. —*4:30 p.m. 78 degrees
4:30 —*11 p.m. 75 degrees
11 p.m. —*7 a.m. 72 degrees

I have a hard time sleeping above 72 degrees


68 during the day. I’ll bump it up, if I’m really cold.

Off at night…

Summer… AC, no lower than 69, usually 72.


usually, and when I have control over it 70° to 72°. I haven't had control over it since January of 2010, however...


Winter in MN…65 day and night. The thermostat is downstairs, so the bedrooms upstairs are a little cooler…probably more like 55-60, depending on the outside temp. Fleece PJs and a mountain of comforters are wonderful! I actually wake up HOT!

Summer…78, but prefer the windows open if at all possible. If it is 85, but not humid, the windows are open.


in the colder months, really only Dec and Jan, set the thermostat to 66
when it gets warm enough for A/C (it actually came on today for a while) we set it at 80 (88 when we are away)
when MIL gets here next week I will have to pump it up to 72 on cold days


We live in an extremely cold climate, so we keep the house at about 72 in the winter months. In summer, we turn it off.


Oh, you meant winter? In winter we set it around 65. In summer we set it just under 70.


So far I'm the coldest, only out of necessity. We received our December heating bill and it was too high for us so we turned the heat back down. It was at 64 now it's at 60 and 58 after the kids are in bed. The vents are only open in common areas (kitchen, living and family roooms) which all have doors. No vents are open upstairs.


62 F (or 17 C) unless I will be gone for more than 24 hours and taking my kitty along with me. In that case, I will crank the heat down until I return.


During the winter, I’ll keep it 60-62. I’d prefer to keep it off but I live on a second floor condo and when I do that, I feel like I am stealing heat from my first floor neighbor–I think my neighbor ends up having to heat her place more because I leave my heat off. If I leave the heat off, my condo is always 20 degrees warmer than the outside-I know it is because the heat is on downstairs.

During the summer, I’ve been trying to keep it off during the day, putting it on 75 degrees while I sleep and then dropping it to 70 for two hours in the morning while I am getting ready.


I keep the thermostat between 68-70 during the daytime and drop to between 50-55 at night. I like a cold bedroom with lots of blankets.

I can’t say that I’m comfortable at that daytime temp, I’m usually wearing multiple layers and if I’m watching TV I usually have a blanket. To me, comfortable is around 80ºF. I grew up in a farmhouse that dated back to 1900. It had no central heating, just a coal furnace that you couldn’t regulate. In winter the temp ranged from 90º when the furnace was fully stoked, to just above freezing first thing in the morning.

At the office I have a space heater and most people find my office stiffling when I’m still wearing a fleece jacket only just feeling comfortable.


Ok, so I keep my house at 50 during the night 55 when I'm home.

Is that wrong since I keep a dog?


No. Dogs have fur. The dog is inside, not in the elements. They adapt. Many dogs live outside.

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