What tends to be the role of lay brothers in canon regular orders?

I imagine that just like lay brothers in cleric regular orders they would be doing support tasks and not undertake any leadership or training of novices roles. Is that he case? And if yes, then what kind of support roles are there in a church??

It depends on the community. In some, they may hold professional positions, and be highly educated, but not be ordained. In fact, this is more likely these days than simply doing manual labor. Men who become brothers in mixed institutes are much like women religious–they have a call to vowed religious life, but not to ordination. In some communities, they may even serve in leadership positions. Some brothers may be better educated than some priests (who only have the equivalent of an Masters), just as many sisters are better educated than priests. Being a brother is a different vocation, but not a “lesser” one.

Just as a sister can serve as a pastoral minister in a parish, or as a hospital chaplain, or whatever, so can a brother. If you are interested in a particular congregation or order, you need to ask them what roles brothers fulfill.

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