What The Bible Says About Women


While I appreciate what the author is trying to say, anyone else think she left someone out?

P.S. Are opinion pieces okay to post in here? Wasn’t sure, and didn’t find anything about it in the rules.

It’s all great information about women of scripture. Whats missing is the abcence of a womans role. Not lesser then. A “help mate” is the first term for a woman after man was first created. She is wo-man because she was taken from man. The bible has always spoken of roles. Two bosses conflict, and then confusion arises. Unfortunately many men don’t understand what having the position of authority means and/or abuse it. Nowadays women are doing that to. God is the head of Christ (1cor 11:3), theres nothing wrong with positional statutes. Our culture has come so far from this mindset that even a woman writting a nice article about where woman stand in the bible wonders, What happened?
i don’t know if this is what you meant but it’s what sticks out to me.:slight_smile:

Nice article :slight_smile:

Because it is an opinion piece it should be moved to Popular Media perhaps?

Opinion article

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