What the heck? Catholicism and New Age


I was just listening to an archived Catholic Answers Live about New Age and Occultism. I just have to say that it made my jaw drop (and I wasn’t expecting it because i am fully aware of how widespread these “practices” are in the secular world.)

My main shock came from the apparent widespread use of these practices and teaching among some (few) nuns and rogue seminaries. How is this allowed to occur under the scrutiny of a Bishop?

Now, I am not attacking Nuns, because I know some cloistered carmelites that wow me with their faith and examples.

What is with going on with these radical feminist nuns who teach new age practices and gnostisism. Some of which won’t even attend mass until they see women ordained? THIS IS INSANE, how can we have these people running around misleading the faithful with these crazy practices. They want to be ordained? And they can’t even bring themselves to go to mass or become obedient? I am very disheartened but glad i never came across this personnally.

Lastly, there should be no seminary in the world operating under the supervision of a bishop that is teaching blatant heresy. Do the parishoners even know that the money they are giving to do the Lord’s work is being used to convolute the spiritualities of their future preists? SURELY THERE IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE.

Thank God for the Legionaries of Christ, The Fraternity of St. Peter and all the other many many beautiful orders and apostolates out there combating these things.


I have come across this with a small number of ‘nuns’. My mother used to work for a ‘nun’ who was into astrology, auras, crystals etc. I think she led a lot of people to believe that these things were acceptable to Chrsitians. This woman is no longer a nun and I recently explained to my mother that she was never much of a Christian anyway.

I think the problem is similar to one of the problems the Early Chruch had with gnosticism: These people are difficult for authorities to single out, and they confuse many lay-people who perhaps don’t know the Church’s teaching as well as they should.

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