What the heck is wrong with some CAF posters?


I agree, too. Threads become no longer about the OP, but rather about a bunch of right fighting keyboard warriors.


Aka “chubby armchair ninja”


Sometimes, in the night, I become like lighting… I BECOME the ninja. I remain chubby.

(Actually I’ve lost 7 lbs!!! Half-way there! YouTube Dr. Berg, he’s amazing. And not bad on the eyes either, ladies. :wink: just sayin)


I can’t go to bed now, somebody is WRONG on teh internet!


Just because someone is a practicing Christian does not mean he/she is still not in a battle with the devil. All of us. Why do Christians think that I wonder? Who was it said the devil’s best trick is not to be believed in? It is helpful for me to remind myself of this every day. The devil attacks me and all of us 24/7. And yes, you can see this with open eyes and hearts on CAF all the time. The devil is alive and well inside the Church. Wolves, sheep. Not separate people in the Church - we all have both.

As for typos I don’t correct others - too much to do with my own posts. I correct and correct and correct. Why don’t I take the bloody time just to write it out properly before I post it??? Drives me up the wall. I am so thankful for the continually open edit. I actually don’t care about typos as long as I can read and understand the point of the comment. I understand that people are on phones, right, distracted, eating, talking, driving…


That would be French poet and essayist Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

“The devil’s greatest trick was to convince us that he does not exist.”


Love it. bien sûr!


I always heard about his top 3;

  1. There is no heaven.
  2. There is no hell.
  3. There is no hurry.

Beware of number 3.


Fr. Amorth, Pray for us!


All that I know is that I am generally treated with more charity, more understanding, more compassion, and less judgement on a firearms collector forum, as well as various cancer sites. To paraphrase the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz, “Odd, ain’t it?”


Bit of a flare up on one thread, as some uninvolved member’s toes were infringed upon. But, it was an opportunity to exercise some charity, and I certainly need a good workout in that regard.



Commas are extremely sensitive punctuation marks, even more so than semicolons and colons. I usually wear thick mittens before approaching a comma, or inserting one, or even worse, removing one. Please don’t tell anyone.

We must all consider the ramifications of our actions.

I’ve heard of feuds between commas, dashes, and parentheses. What is their moral obligation towards each other?

A comma, too, can mean the difference between life and death. Be careful.



Need more commas.

(But otherwise a very cute reply.)


Excuse me, but you meant “the” not “teh”.
And therefore, the OP’s questions are now moot, and it’s about to be ALL MEEEE!!!

LOL!!! See what I did?! :laughing:

(I apologize @po18guy, I don’t mean to make light of it. I do agree with you. I just couldn’t pass it up.)


LOL I totally saw what you did there!
And suddenly, my whole perspective has changed…from bad spelling to good spelling

…it’s a Boxing Day miracle!


For a few years now, there has been a fashion for starting sentences with the word “so,” even when there is clearly no intention of conveying a connection with anything that has been said before. I find it puzzling. What’s the point?

I mention it because I just spotted a particularly fine specimen. Here on CAF, someone started a thread earlier today with a seven-paragraph OP, in which the first four paragraphs all begin with “so.” Very strange.


It could be a cultural thing,there is that to consider …how people use words.
Kind of makes it interesting learning other people’s ways.


I agree with you PO.
It’s gotten very bad of late.
I quit posting for a while because those who own a copy of the GIRM or can read Canon Law online love to come out and apply them to threads that clearly don’t have anything to with those resources or need them.
There’s quite a bit of agenda posting.
It’s tiresome and more important than having ANYONE agree with me or you, or anyone else, is the MISINFORMATION that is spread, and also the notion that Catholics are just plain belligerent, stiff, legalistic, and odd.
I’m very sad to have seen many of the wonderful longtime posters who have just thrown in the towel and left us.
Grammar is irrelevant. Spelling is good, but we all know what people mean when they type in a hurry.
It’s the content. That’s what matters.
Happy St. Stephen’s day, btw.


Too many folks looking for liturgical abuse in a haystack

Too many folks thinking they are experts in Canon Law, but give woefully wrong interpretations and advice

Too many folks disrespecting the clergy who post here

Too many folks complaining about their pastor and parish to the point of the absurd (sorry, I read some of the complaints and I think they are made of whole cloth because the poster has an ax to grind).

Too many folks who think the Church is Burger King and they should have things “their way”, and they overrun the board with agenda postings.


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:️ All of your points.


On the plus side, I’ve been discovering some books, saints and mystics I wasn’t aware of. It almost makes it worth wading through the myriad of complaint threads. Almost.

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