What the Holy Spirit Can Do in the Heart of a Man --from Saint Basil, Father of the Church

"The Spirit comes to us when we withdraw ourselves from evil passions, 

which have crept into the soul through its friendship with the flesh, alienating us from a close relationship with God. Only when a man has been cleansed from the shame of his evil, and has returned to his natural beauty, and the original form of the Royal Image has been restored in him, is it possible for him to approach the Paraclete. Then, like the sun, He will show you in Himself the image of the invisible, and with purified eyes you will see in this blessed image the unspeakable beauty of its prototype. Through Him hearts are lifted up, the infirm are held by the hand, and those who progress are brought to perfection. He shines on those who are cleansed from every spot, and makes them spiritual men through fellowship with Himself. When a sunbeam falls on a transparent substance, the substance itself becomes brilliant, and radiates light from itself. So too Spirit-bearing souls, illuminated by Him, finally become spiritual themselves, and their grace is sent forth to others. From this comes knowledge of the future, understanding of mysteries, apprehension of hidden things, distribution of wonderful gifts, heavenly citizenship, a place in the choir of angels, endless joy in the presence of God, becoming like God and, the highest of all desires, taking on God likeness. These are only a few of the many things we have been taught concerning the greatness, dignity, and working of the Holy Spirit, and we have learned them from the Spirit’s own words.’
-from Saint Basil, “On the Holy Spirit” (Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1980), no. 23, page 44.


I wonder if this could also be translated as -
”The Spirit comes to us when we withdraw ourselves from worldly passions”?



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