What the hook-up culture has done to women.

“It is no coincidence that the top two prescribed drugs at our state university’s health center are anti-depressants and the birth-control pill. Our young women are showing up to a very different version of “college life” than that of the previous generation. One woman, while in her freshman year, went to her health center because she feared she had bronchitis. In perusing her “health history,” the physician said, “I see here that you are a virgin.” “Um, yes,” she responded, wondering what that fact might have to do with her persistent cough. “Would you like to be referred for counseling about that?” This student came to me to ask if I thought she should, in fact, consider her virginity—at the age of eighteen—a psychological issue. (I said no.)”

What the hook-up culture has done to women.

Uh, no just no.

Self propagating nonsense. A physician would never offer to refer a patient to counselling for being a virgin. And to equate rape with “hook up culture”…I just can’t. This “article” is disgusting.

I don’t see the writer equating rape with a hook up culture. The writer teaches at a college and relates her own experiences and the experiences her students have told her. She finds the hook up culture to be damaging to women. (It is also damaging to men.) How does such an observation make the article disgusting? Is the hook up culture a good thing for students?

I was in a supermarket and saw a magazine cover with a photo of a well muscled young man, with his shirt off. He was wearing a belt buckle with the word rape on it. The A was covered by a finger.

It’s time the “Hey, what’s the big deal?” lie is exposed for what it is. A lie.

Women have not been liberated. They have been lied to.



I am guessing that you just read this snippet and not the whole article.

I think this was well written and there is a lot of truth in what it says.

I read the whole article. It is clear the the author has a position, and came up with a whole lot of unsubstantiated nonsense to support said position. That does not make it well written or truthful.

And I don’t even disagree with his position on hook up culture, but I can recognize baseless propaganda when I read it.

Propaganda to what end?

The article has a good point. I don’t think anything she says is too far off the mark.

The author is a woman, first of all. I really don’t know what you object to because you spoke is generalizations.

It was supposed to be “the” position- auto treated to him.

Autocorrected- sigh.

Yes, when I was in college in the late 70’s, the doctor thought there was something wrong with me because I was a virgin. People with a strong sense of faith and morals are treated like space aliens.

what always boils my blood about these articles is the insinuation that only woman are being harmed and not men. As well as the insinuation it is 100% women’s fault

A terrific point. A culture of promiscuity and libertinism ultimately undermines both masculinity and femininity. :frowning:

As well as the insinuation it is 100% women’s fault

I didn’t get that from this particular article, but the causes of this phenomenon are complex. Certainly a woman who indulges in sexual sin is morally culpable (as is a man; no dispute there from me) but we also need to discuss the origins of the “hook-up / pick-up” culture and its roots in the disintegration of Christendom. Without that, our analysis is shallow and our solutions (“men’s rights movement”, “secular modesty movement”, “abstinence pledges”) are little more than short-term fixes which do not address long-term issues.

Having done the whole college hookup thing (for several years), I can assure you that Brock’s victim was not “lucky” in any sense of the term. The consequences of my choices don’t compare in any way to the consequences of what happened to her.

I went through that phase, had a great time, and came out the other end a happy, functional adult. Virtually everyone who lived it with me is in a similar situation. When it comes to “broken” women, I’m more concerned about the low income women who don’t go to college. Their rates of single motherhood are through the roof, and their odds of ever pulling themselves out of that economic situation or even getting married (and staying married) are very low.

When people talk about the “problems” of women, they always focus on those who are single, don’t have children, and are working towards a stable financial future either in college or the workforce. Don’t worry about women like me, worry about the ones who never left my hometown, the ones who got pregnant way too early, have children by multiple men, and have no marketable skills or way to provide for their kids.

Would fathers and mothers or brothers and sisters approve of their daughters behaving this way?

Then why does it happen? It happens because it’s a peer environment. Lord of the flies. There are no mature adults around. What kind of adult wants to be a gynecologist in a college town?:hmmm: What kind of adult owned the “easy in” bar? Who would want to live and teach in an environment where young adults are away from home for the first time and very impressionable?

Colleges are getting a reputation as places to be avoided by anyone who has self respect.

College is now a place of intolerance, anger, depression and immaturity.

I think by now everyone knows that colleges are the places where atheists, socialists and men of questionable character go to make a living.

I think we may have to invoke Poe’s Law here. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of single Roman Catholic women are on the birth control pill.

Same here. It was unthinkable to my doctor that I was in my late teens and still a virgin.

I was an atheist at the time but I did not see the value of sleeping around risking disease and pregnancies. Face it, so called protection isn’t foolproof and neither do birth control pills work 100% of the time. It was just not prudent for me to sleep around.

How do you know this?

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