What the World needs now is NOT H5N1

.pdf file download of H5N1 history animal and bird infections

Click on: 5 January 2009 Cumulative Number of Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza

Most recent news :

Cases in 2008 were less than half of cases in 2007… so why the concern now?

The fact that avian cases have been reported in Europe is disturbing as are the cases in Turkey and Egypt. Any of these could lead to cases arriving in the US. It appears to be of limited danger to humans at this point, but the danger to poultry could be very dangerous to a world already suffering from famine caused by higher fuel prices. Threats to the US poultry industry would devastate worldwide poultry production.

I know of two birds that won’t transmit the flu. They got sucked into a couple of airplane engines yesterday.

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