What this picture means to me


So I came across this picture, and I found it to be very powerful, especially for someone discerning religious life ( why I’ve posted in the Vocations forum).

There’s a young priest in the future, holding the Eucharist in front of a city on fire. As you can see, his altar is cardboard boxes and there is no choir or parish, just him alone doing God’s work. I think this can be a reminder for future priests and religious people that times will only get worse before they get better… Even today, priests are persecuted (be it being made fun of in America, or actually kidnapped in killed in places like Africa). When the End. Times come and even before then, priests will surely be challenged like never before. That’s why today more than ever we need the strongest and most devoted to fight for God and goodness on Earth. Even if it means hardship, even if it means persecution, and even if it means death.

God bless you.


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