What time did your young kids go to sleep

What time do your kids go to sleep around age of 4?

My kids are older now but when they were around 4ish, bed time was between 7 and 8 depending on when we had to be at school in the morning. I marked 8.

None of the above :slight_smile: - Bedtime was/is/shall be 9pm. (Usually between 30mins and 1 hour after we get (had gotten) home from whatever meeting/practice/show/class their older siblings, cousins or us parents are/were in.

None of the above. My three year old goes to bed between 9 and 9:30. My husband gets home around 7:30 most nights. We eat dinner at 8. LO either sleeps in or takes a late afternoon nap.

I said 8:00, but that’s an ideal. On nights that it works, great; on other nights, life gets in the way.

8 o’clock bedtime for all children except the baby. My kids are allowed to read/look at books or play with little quiet toys in their bed until they fall asleep on their own, though. We have little reading lamps. The 8:00 bedtime is in place just for the sake of establishing healthy quiet time and boundaries between parents and children. It has served us well so far, and our oldest is 8. I look forward to hearing what other parents do. :slight_smile:

I didn’t answer the poll.

It really depended on what else was going on. My husband didn’t get home from work until 6. Then dinner, Some playtime. Then bed.

We chose a preschool that was close to home and didn’t start until 9. So a later bedtime didn’t matter, since we didn’t need to start our day early.

We ended up home schooling, so we were able to adjust bedtime throughout our son’s childhood. It was nice to have family time, even if my husband had to work late.

I choose 8pm but that’s more of the time that we start preparing for bed (bath, reading books, prayers, song) than actual asleep time. Our routine takes about 30 or so minutes so Abby is usually in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 8:45. Usually.

I chose 8 as the ideal time. On any given night it ranges between 730 and 830 for our older three. The baby stays up til 9-930…

between 8 and 9

My kids are (barely)2 and (about to be)3 though. Maybe we should start pushing it back to 7 - 8 before the older one gets to preschool.

Betweeen 11 and 12pm.:o

Mine go to bed at 7pm; sleep around 730, it seems. The 4 yr old has recently begun being allowed to wait until 730 to go to bed.

They wake at 630am.

They take around 1 hr nap most days.

My four year old goes to bed at 7 pm. Worst case scenario, 7:30. It just has to be that way. If he doesn’t get 10-11 hours of sleep, he can’t function! It does cramp our style, but that’s ok :slight_smile: His 7 year old brother is lights out at 7:30, 7:45. So far, we haven’t signed him up for anything with later night meetings like boy scouts or such that would keep him out later in the night. They are tired!

I voted “whenever they want” simply because we don’t go to bed until 10 and that wasn’t an option. She doesn’t have to wake up until 8-8:30.

We aim for a 7pm bedtime. (i.e. going upstairs and starting the process of getting ready for bed.) Lights are out anytime between 7:30-8:30pm, depending…

Gosh, I don’t remember! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine are naturally early risers so probably around 7-8pm at that age. I know dh and I were getting up around 5am when my youngest was about 4 so we may all have been in bed by 8pm. LOL

We still get up early, so we still have relatively early bedtimes - at least compared to most households with teenagers!

I marked 8 om, but usually they went to bed between 8 and 9. Started at 8 getting ready and actually got them in bed sometime after that. Going to sleep was a whole other story. Our rules were to be in bed at bedtime and if you can’t go to sleep you can read or just use your imagination until you were tired enough to drop off into dreamland.

I’ve been putting them to bed at 7 and they are asleep not long after that generally. They all wake up early and I am not a morning person. (Today they woke up at 6am).

I have been considering moving bedtime back so they sleep in but whenever I’ve done that before let’s say after a long night out , they still wake up bright and early only they are tired all day.

Maybe some kids are just early risers. :shrug:

I swear the sun creeps over the horizon, and blackout curtains don’t stop my son from waking up !

Depends on the child.
Most of mine were natural night owls and did fine staying up until 10pm every night… which was nice, because as a working mom I treasured every waking moment we could spend time together. My youngest (now 2) definitely gets cranky in the evenings - far more than her older siblings would at this age. She prefers going down by 8:30/9pm…

This is us exactly as well.

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