What time do we have to go to church today?

Since it’s Holy Saturday I understand that the service is a little later than usual. Can somebody remind me at what time does the Church in America start it’s service? I live on the east cost (New Jersey) just in case the time areas are different.

You need to call your local parish. We don’t know what time your Easter Vigil Mass starts in your local parish. It could be any time after sunset.

Yes I suggest calling your parish also or perhaps checking their website or the one for the archdiocese that might allow you to search mass times. For us, mass this evening is 8:30pm but that is not much help to yourself.

Well for one thing, in my diocese, the Easter Vigil cannot start until 1/2 hour after sunset. I dont know if this is the rule throughout the Church. With daylight saving time most parishes will start the services at 9 or 9:30 pm. Be prepared for a long stay if their are many catechumens being welcomed into the Church. Last year the service at my church lasted till 1:00 am.

The requirement is that it be dark. This is not always observed :(. Ahalf hour after sunset would seem to me to be the earliest that would be licit.

I recall reading someplace that the Jews define dark as when one can see a certain number of stars. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was more than one and not more than five. Personally I think that a good measure.

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