What to call a baptism ceremony after the emergency baptism?


Hey, I wasn’t sure where to post this quick question. My daughter had an emergency baptism at birth. She is now 9 months and doing very well, so we are having a ceremony at the church for her (obviously minus the baptism). We are very excited, and I am planning on sending out invitations / announcements shortly – but I am unsure what to call this, since I would like to “warn” family and friends that the baptism already took place. I know they would figure it out once we got started, but anyway … can you please fill in the blanks:

You’re invited to Josephine’s __________.

Any other tips for it, as I haven’t been to a baptism since my baby sister (well besides my daughter’s very informal one) and I don’t really remember what happens exactly – or what a ceremony minus a baptism would be like???

Thank you so much!



How about:

“Recognition of Josephine’s Baptism Celebration”.

It’s kind of wordy. But would be clearly understood… I think. :rolleyes:

God bless.


please join the Jones family as Rite of Baptism for Jennifer is completed by Fr. Thomas Smith at St. Mary Church during the Noon Mass on August 15.

Reception in the parish hall after Mass.

Those you are inviting very likely know the circumstances and won’t need a further explanation but this can be done in person rather than in an invitation.


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