What to cook for Lent Fridays, Wife hates Fish and Veggies


I wanted some thoughts on what I can make for dinner tonight and for other Friday’s of Lent. I will eat anything and love fish and vegetables, but my wife hates fish and hates all vegetables (except potatoes.) I was looking for any suggestions or dishes that you make during Lent that maybe I could cook for my wife. It seems that every Friday is Cheese Pizza. God Bless


Does she like Mediterranean foods? How about Falafel? That's what I made the family last week and they asked for it again this week. ;-) Or potato soup?



Think of CHEESE and BEAN based meals...


The sad thing is that the ocean is two miles from our house, and we can get fresh seafood anytime. She might like a casserole with beans and cheese, if anyone has a recipe. She usually only eats beans when I make Chili or Jambalaya, but would not eat a 100% veggie version of either.


My mom became allergic to all fish a few years back. And she loves fish, which makes it sad for her. She never eats meat on ANY Friday. Some ideas for you: macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, quiche (obviously without bacon! :wink: ), French toast or pancakes (“breakfast” foods for dinner!), egg salad sandwiches, any soup without meat, cheese ravioli.


pierogi, you can usually find them in the frozen potato case
they are best fried in butter with onions and/or mushrooms but you can fry those up separately for yourself, along with some soy link sausage, or boca italian is good, offer applesauce and sour cream on the side

no veggies at all? hope she takes vitamins

chances are growing up she was never served veggies cooked properly, you might try adding a few at a time, or prepare them on the side and offer a taste (additions like butter, sour cream and crumbled bacon have converted many a veggie hater, and in small amounts unlikely to do permanent damage)

breakfast for dinner–french toast, pancakes, waffles with eggs, with any berries warmed in a pan sprinkled with sugar or splenda for a topping, with cool whip–just like IHOP

cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce, and chopped boiled egg on top for a bit more protein, or the boca italian "sausage "

ditto tortellini, use the green if you are using alfredo sauce

serve any of the pasta dishes with a salad for yourself, it may looks so good it is appetizing

another ‘salad’ that hides veggies is fresh pearl ravioli, cherry or grape tomatoes (washed and dried) and a small jar of pesto mixed.


I hate fish too but I love vegies so I usually add vegies to this but you can have cheese raviloi with a butter or tomato sauce. You can sneak in a vegie by mixing some cheese ravioli with some butternut squash ravioli.


She said that she ate all her required veggies as a kid, as her parents have a large garden. When she was pregnant last year she had to eat them, but that is over now and she is taking vitamins. I guess I will be the one to make our daugher eat her veggies.


What about some sort of pasta dish? Or cheese Quesadillas? Some sort of soup with no meat with bread on the side?


I also dislike fish and really all seafood.


cheese quesadillas
grilled cheese sandwiches
omlets & waffles
spaghetti and marinara
tomato soup and salad or baked potato
bean and cheese burritos
cheese taquitos w/ rice and beans
cheese enchiladas


Quiches and frittatas are great. You can use potatoes instead of other kinds of vegtables (assuming she likes potatoes). Pasta is good. Pancakes or waffles. Rice and beans. My mom used to make rice and ricotta a lot during Lent. I loved it. Mac and cheese.

I never liked fish as a kid, except canned tuna and fried flounder. Now, while I still don’t crabs, lobster or shrimp (yes call me crazy), mussels, or some really fishy tasting varieties, if the fish is really fresh I have come to love it. In fact I now eat more fish during the week than I do meat. When it is fresh and prepared well fish is great. I even eat raw tuna (but that’s as far as I go with the raw stuff) We recently had a “cooking for lent” workshop in our parish and got some wonderful recipes. Go online and look up meatless meals.


mac and cheese

egg, bean and cheese breakfast tacos

rice and gravy (my lunch today)

stuffed potatoes

fruit salad


If you cannot find pierogi, try Polish Lasagna (Google for a recipe) – Layer lasgna noodles, mashed potatoes, onions (if she’ll have them) and cheese; bake like lasgna. Tastes like pierogi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, cook her some fish and send it to me. :stuck_out_tongue:



Grilled Cheese sandwiches
Potato soup
Cream of Mushroom soup
Egg salad
Omlette with Cheese, Mushrooms, diced tomato

How about "meatless" spagetti sauce over noodles?

Try adding Mushrooms to the Cheese pizza too

For Luch on Fridays I'll sometimes just fry and egg an put it on toast with mayo and a slice of Cheese.



Does anyone have an easy but good baked macaroni recipe? I have tried many but nothing great yet. :shrug:


sorry if this is a repeat, but BAKED POTATOES!! :) At our house, we offer for toppings: butter, salt, sour cream, shredded cheddar, and cottage cheese. Sometimes broccoli for topping, sometimes carrot sticks to munch on the side, sometimes a salad. This is our Lenten Friday meal every week. While it's hardly a sacrifice for me (yum!), it def. is for DH, poor guy. :p


[quote="puzzleannie, post:6, topic:189436"]
pierogi, you can usually find them in the frozen potato case. they are best fried in butter with onions and/or mushrooms (quote)

I love pan fried Pierogies! :extrahappy:They are so delicious! I have them once in a while ( a real treat for me) since I typically eat low-carb.



Does DW like eggs.

Growing up, Mom would make pasta with a marinara sauce. Make just a little more sauce. After putting the sauce on the pasta, turn the heat very low on the sauce. Then crack some eggs into the sauce at let them poach while you eat the pasta. You could also add a little cheese on top of the eggs, like shredded mozzarella or provolone. After the pasta, eat the eggs as a second course. :thumbsup:


Dw will eat eggs, scrambled only.


tell her to make her own dinner:D

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