What to do about Catholic not receiving Catholic funeral?

My great-aunt’s dear friend who she lived with the past 17 years died earlier this month. He was cremated. He converted to Catholicism several years ago (was a practicing Catholic, devoted to Blessed Mother etc.). Since my great-aunt was not family, his cremains were turned over to his non-Catholic family and his non-Catholic friends. He is not having a Catholic burial/ funeral Mass and his cremains will be scattered. What should I do? He was devoted to his faith, I think he ought to be buried in the Church. There is already a memorial service scheduled at a nondenominational church. What does the Order of Christian Funerals say? Please let me know as soon as you can.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do burial wise. Unless his will says otherwise, his family has the legal right to lay him to rest in the manner they see fit. Odds are that they think they are doing a good thing for him. If you or your great aunt know them well and have a good relationship with them you or she could try gently and sympathetically talking to them about permitting a Catholic burial since that was his Church.

Otherwise you can ask your local parish to offer Mass for him or arrange for a Mass for the dead for him.

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