What to do - anti-Christ propaganda!

Hi, after a valid point was made -that I could do with not putting up links to annoying websites as this is doing their work for those initiating such online activity - I want to ask more generally if there are any Church organisations set up to tackle (set up counter websites) anti-Christ propaganda (normally anti-Pope, anti-Catholic, and anti-Virgin Mary, all which I consider to be satanic) on the web? I have taken down one web link that particularly grates. Have any theologians attempted counter websites as ways of tackling an evil spreading by way of the media?



Probably start by not putting up links to the website. :smiley: :smiley:

Using Google, and searching for Catholic anything, this website doesn’t come up. What search site are you using?

The problem with this sort of thing, as someone else already pointed out, is that this nonsense doesn’t deserve serious refutation. Have you encountered people actually citing it as an authority? If so, deal with it then. But this is one website by one extreme fundamentalist who doesn’t represent any community of Christians other than himself and maybe his family, as far as I know. He’s just really good at manipulating the dynamics of the Internet to get clicks, and the more we fume about him the more we are feeding him.


Ah, now you’ve gone and repeated what I’ve just taken down! :smiley:

In one way, but sometimes action is needed. After all, there may be some who read this tripe who are vulnerable people. I don’t think putting up a similar titled site but with good things on it would be a bad idea…? But I get what you say about ignoring a problem until it goes away; the problem is exactly what you said though: the clicks.

Any possibility that you might delete quoting me so we are not advertising the site indirectly please? Sorry for the bother. I have taken the web title off here now, you see.


Hi! I acted upon your advice. :wink:

I use Google as a rule.

As you’ve both said, the solution might be to not get annoyed. But when people slam Our Lady it is hard not to react.

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Yeah, where I work are some high profile people so we all get security training. People like this are validated by attention, it doesn’t matter if the attention is positive or negative. We had a fellow once, with a website, and so the website was blocked so that he wouldn’t see clicks coming from the very place he was obsessed on. The same holds for this fellow. Clicks from a site like this would make his day and be an encouragement to him.

Pray for him.

Will do. Thank you for your responses today. Will get this thread taken down in the meantime - just have to find a moderator to do so!

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Focus on lighting more lights rather than on the darkness, in this particular case. Ignore them, because they WANT attention.

How are you defining “anti-Christ”, “anti-Pope”, “anti-Mary” and “anti-Catholic” and “propaganda”?
Do you mean people who don’t agree with the ideas or teachings of the above, and write about why they do not?
Which is only giving an opinion and taking a strong stand for their beliefs, of course.

Or do you mean something much worse, something hateful?

The respected media doesn’t usually spread “evil” but when doing a story, will give many sides of the story…or will talk about what the popular opinion is to reflect what is going on with the masses and explore it.

Maybe your questions can be answered better if you give an example of what you speak of for more clarification?
(one that will not offend the posters here, and will not advertise these horrible sites you speak of?)
I’m particularly interested in seeing an example of the media “spreading evil”. As a member of the media myself, this sounds odd to me.


Hello. I am a member of the media too, or was, kind of.

In this case, I haven’t come on for a debate as such, rather to just get some opinions. In the case I am referring to, I am not talking about the media in terms of newspapers and journalists, who for the mot part when coming from an ‘outside-Church’ perspective, take Christian words and meanings and misinterpret them, in some cases to fit an ultra-modern atheist agenda, and sometimes mistakenly; I was in fact referring to an actual anti-Church website, which is a very big site, and instead of venting outright unbelief - which as you have stated would be more understandable - I mean a site that takes the meanings from the Bible and twists all the meanings and takes Catholic truths and twists them. When one is absolutely opposed to the Church, especially and more so after having been in receipt of grace, this is normally a sign of rebellion. But this site makes me think of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, disguising itself as Christian, but deep down broodingly evil and waiting to devour and mislead innocent people.

However, I don’t wish to post the site URL as this is doing this person’s scandalous work for them. But what I would say, and this includes me when I do bad too, is that just because a person doesn’t understand he or she is doing Satan’s work does not mean they are not doing it. It is a militantly ultra-modernistic communist-esque atheism that contrives such a lie that states Satan does not exist, and anywhere where there is opposition to the Virgin Mary, there Satan will be too.

But as Clearwater said: " focus on lighting more light!". A truly sweet and true comment.

Going back to the media subject, I don’t think all the respected media are evil, but they maybe just don’t always understand the power of their words to build up or destroy lives, to bring hope or despair, and how that can set standards of behaviour, for better or worse, or maybe they just don’t care?! Sometimes it is not always about what is said - as in communism or fascism, when the signs of an agenda are in the information that is left out, oftentimes (i.e:- Christianity, and literature, and history). Nevertheless, one can’t sum up all the media as being like one thing, and I choose to remain hopeful for the future and hope those in such positions of responsibility understand the need to write from the heart.

Take care and thank you for your response, it is appreciated, and wish you the best with your media profession.


Indeed! That’s why the Great Commission is so important - we much reach people while we have the time.

Valid point! :thumbsup:

I am not sure if this applys to this post but for me Jack Chick comes to mind for me.

Just wanted to stop in once more before timing out as I was thinking about your lovely post, the first part of which could only bring light to a person’s mind! :wink:

The second part I think deserves more deliberation. In this case I think it is better to simply stay away, as you have stated, as this site seems to suggest a road very far trodden and now fraught with many obscurities and absurdities (danger) that appears to be deeply psychological; yet, to be honest, I generally believe, within this general topic, that most people do need some attention. I do get that as a Christian it is better to “understand than be understood” and that the only true love we actually need, as a child from its parents, is God, and His constant attention, but the mass of unbelievers were put here side by side with Christians, in the world together, and the reason people go so far down a track is often because they have been failed by those around them - ignored, ridiculed or hurt, or simply unheard, so maybe this is evidence of another case of ‘could have been doing much more’. How many times do we miss the ‘invisible guy’ in the corner? Maybe because they look grumpy or plain even (rag newspapers and television constantly promoting physical perfection and superficial ‘happiness’ from wealth, as all important - the gloss of success IOW), so yes, in this case, best to ignore, but sad to think we do not listen enough to one another, after all, a boring subject to one might be all important to another to get off their chest. You did of course answer the second bit of your response with the first bit: “focus on lighting more light!”. And another poster said: “pray for him” (or her!). The more we do these things maybe such websites as those I was moaning about would not be set up in the first place?!


The site’s observances do seem to bear quite an uncanny likeness to the fiction/comic book writer’s views, whom you mentioned.

Taken from Wiki (yes, I know…:rolleyes:) about Jack Chick:

‘Chick’s company, Chick Publications, claims to have sold over 750 million tracts,[4] comics tracts and comic books, videos, books, and posters designed to promote Protestant evangelism from a Christian fundamentalist perspective or point of view. Many of these are controversial, as they accuse Roman Catholics, Freemasons, Muslims, and many other groups of murder and conspiracies,[5] while Chick maintains his views are simply politically incorrect.’

Bang on the mark, actually, wmscott. Many thanks! :thumbsup:

I have read that these attacks originated with anti-Jesuit propaganda (because the Jesuits were in fact doing what all other Catholics were actually supposed to be doing) which in turn led on to anti-semite, anti-Pope advertising etc…and The Elders of Zion and so on and so forth…

…and something tells me that this is also linked with the whole Traditional Catholic trademark too…the sub-creators of conspiracy. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Btw…I made a little side comment earlier regarding Christians as Catholics only being real Christians - I correct: although I tend to believe that the fundamentals of the Catholic faith are the genuine article, as the R.C Church most intricately and intimately adheres to the precepts laid out by Jesus (‘Catholic’ means ‘Universal’ / ‘all embracing’); I do believe however, that all people of faith are Christians if they confess Christ - Catholic, C of E, Lutheran etc…:o)

like this: addictinginfo.org/2015/02/20/have-you-touched-yourself-catholic-school-warns-elementary-students-about-abortion-msturbation/


From ‘The Chaplet of Reparation to The Holy Face’ (Recommended to be recited frequently throughout the day):

“ETERNAL FATHER, I offer You the Holy Face of Jesus, covered with blood, sweat, dust and spittle, in reparation for the crimes of communists, blasphemers, and for the profaners of the Holy Name and of the Holy Day of Sunday. Amen.”

Many thanks for the above prayer in your post, the thread was worth it just for this - for all of us to remember, not just militant atheists, but all of us sinners.

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