What to do for Lent

I’m interested in having a very fruitful Lent. Besides fasting and reading the Scriptures, what can I do to please God this Lent? Thanks in advance for your help with this.

ready asks a question : "what can I do to please God this Lent?"

Well, at the Catholic Church, several parishes are having special classes, where they discuss such things.
I am sure there is a book out there which has 1001 ways to please God during Lent.

Many homilies have centered around using Lent as a time to clean-out some Garbage in our Souls.
Make a strong Confession, and then, after God has forgiven those Sins, that we should forgive them too.
When some of our Garbage is gone, it leaves more room in our Heart to Love God, and all of God’s Creation.

So, this year, I am attempting to Let Go of obsessing over old Sins, and my un-Worthiness.
At best, this will only ever be a Work-in-Progress.
Part of me is my worst enemy.
Little sins (of having the wrong attitude for something I did, or did not do) loom LARGE in my conscience.

God would like me to Love Him more.
So, during Lent, I put in an extra effort to squeeze out some more Love for God in my Heart.

You ask what you can do to please God.
Love God with all of your Heart, and your Mind, and your Soul.
Your Father will be VERY Happy.

Do His will in the present moment - I heard Mother Angelica say this on one of her shows and that is what I am going to try harder to do this Lent.

Excellent answer!

Excellent answer as well!

Fasting, praying, and giving alms

All the above are great answers. But I think the best way is to ask God what he specifically wants you to do this Lent. Back in 2006, I asked God that question and He told me to go to daily Eucharistic Adoration. Before then I had never done regular Eucharistic Adoration. I was pretty sure that idea did not come from myself. I started to spend one hour in front of the tabernacle every evening after work. After 40 days of Lent, I could not stop and the habit continues. Ask the Holy Spirit what He wants of you, and He will let you know.:slight_smile:

Yes! I must do the three practices recommended by Holy Mother Church this Lent. I’ll definitely be fasting and trying to do a good amount of fervent prayer, but I must also plan on giving more alms than usual, though I’m afraid I can’t give much more. Thanks so much for your excellent feedback, Neofight!

Dear Inlight,

Yes, another excellent answer. I must pray to God for His help to know what I should do this Lent, though I believe He has spoken through each one of you who has posted on this thread and believe that He wants me to do what each one of you has recommended.

I can do more alms deeds, charitable works.

A type of alms giving that has become a custom for my family at lent, is the closet cleanout…God has blessed our family with many things…fashions come, fashions go, sometimes pounds come (more often than go), but there always seems to be an abundance of very nice, seasonal clothing that we clear out for our parish’s social concerns ministry to share with those in need…Winter clothing (winter isn’t near as severe here in Southern Cal as back east, but it often gets as low as the high 30s along the coast over night) like coats and jackets I keep in the trunk of my car, and when I encounter an obviously uncomfortable homeless brother or sister trying to stay warm, I offer it to them, which I have never had one of these wonderful people not express genuine gratitude.

Peace and Prayers

How wonderful! May God reward you!

I think the thing to do is to ask God to help you to follow the two great commandments Jesus gave us.

Love God with our whole heart and our entire being, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

In fact, these two commandments are what we should examine ourselves against on a daily basis.


Yes, excellent advise, Jim. Thanks!

How about, saying encouraging words to at least three people per day. Or one, or whatever.

It could be predetermined, or not, as far as how to pick them. :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks so much, Mystical Seeker, I think I can do that!

Pray for the souls in purgatory.

Here is a Novena for that. Get started as soon as possible. Encourage everyone you know to pray for them.

I’ll pray even more than I already do for the poor, holy souls. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion!

Perhaps giving 40 minutes a day for 40 days to either say the rosary, pray, read the bible, go to a daily mass, do the way of the cross, read about saints, sit with Jesus in adoration, etc.any thing to do with deeping faith, and worship. I will be mixing things up, but sometimes I choose one thing.

Then also offer something up to Jesus that you know he has been working on you about.

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