What to do if a priest blessed your house like

Recently a early middle aged couple asked a priest recommended by one of their grandmother’s friends to bless his new dwelling. So he goes and picks up this priest and brings him to his dwelling where his family was waiting. The priest walks in and pulls out a silver chain with a obelisk shaped pendulum. He hangs it from his fingers and starts asking questions, muttering to himself and saying things like “really could you say that again.”

So  quite surprised  my friend asked the priest what was he doing.   The priest answered   "Don't  worry,  you worry too much"  and  went off saying vulgar terms in Italian but my friend who is English mother is Italian.   He understood everything that was being said.    This includes the vulgarities and the conversation with the pendulum.   

  So  my friend told him that this was wrong and to stop.  The priest said "You worry too much,  ask too many questions  I am gonna kill you"   in  broken English.  So my friend and wife began to pray against all this.   He was afraid to throw the priest out on his ear  out of respect  for being a priest.  The last thing the priest said was "Call me so I can come and kill you."

   Then they called a reliable priest they know who live 7 hours driving and he on speaker phone  prayed against the evil that was done in the house.   I  tried to make him feel better and said  "Hey lets make a movie we will call it:  "The Godfather Priest"." 

  So,   I say  report this to the bishop in a formal letter  and have his wife sign it also.  It really is not a laughing matter at all.     I   think that that is the  proper thing to do and leave  that priest alone.

Maybe the priest meant Call me (Jesus) and I will come and kill you (Satan)

There could have been something lost in translation here, and no one should be jumping the gun on a priest unless there was a good reason to. He did not do anything but upset people and, I would like to hear his side of the story considering he mentioned the people did worry too much. Sounds like there may be merit to that.

Call the bishop. Man might be suffering from dementia. He needs help. You would be helping by calling the bishop. Actually, I’m surprised the second priest didn’t volunteer to make the call.

are you sure he wasn’t a satanist “priest”?

i mean it doesn’t exactly seem right for a Christian priest to say “I’m gonna kill you” in any sense.

I’d definitely assume there was something lost in translation…but that is pretty crazy though lol…when reading your post i had flashbacks of the Amityville Horror :eek:

I don’t mean to cause offence by asking this, but are you sure it was actually a Catholic priest? I mean, obviously what happened was strange, and there could be some kind of explanation - possibly medical as aicirt already said. But even if there was a medical basis for his outbursts in the house, the fact that he had the chain and pendulum with him suggests to me that his actions were planned before he got to the house. What he did was not ok either way - so if you know that he is indeed a priest, I think you should notify the bishop.

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